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I’m soooooo effing tired right now, like my eye lids are drooping south so I’m going to keep the text part of this post super short. Kewl Ego and Greed shoes worn thanks to my fav online store Solestruck who the shit doesn’t like hologram these days?











Hi there. Hello, What’s up? G’day. Yo, whatevz, what’s the happs? How are you? Gooood? Yeah, me too, well you know, could be better, but heeey, first world, can’t complain aye?

Okay then, now that the awkward postponed internet greeting has been dealt with, I shall get back to my regular blogging flow. Well, not quite yet. First, I’m going to congratulate the United States of America for electing Obama as the president once again. Thank you. I’ve been thinking about possibly moving to the U.S (specifically L.A) lately, and if Mitt Romney won… well, I would definitely have to reconsider.

Greeeaat, my left hand is currently falling asleep. How convenient, I have a feeling this is the result of typing and how cold my hands are at the moment. ANYWAY.

Speaking of American elections. I stumbled across this article about a bunch of ill informed American citizens who would like to move to Australia because Barack Obama will be the president for another term. I found it fucking hilarious. I was going to go on and on about why this idea is incredibly stupid, but I think this graphic I found sums it up quite well.

Yes, that’s right mofos. We have universal health care, and I’m pretty damn cerain we (most of us, other than a few crazy people) all like it. In fact, this year the Medicare levy was raised for those earning above a certain amount of money per annum. I think it’s about $84,000+ for singles, and guess what? There was no uproar, no talk about fucking death panels (uuuuuuuugh) in fact, most people working in Health care thought it was a good thing. I don’t understand how a country can truly consider themselves modern without universal health care to be honest. Health care should be the NUMBER ONE priority in my opinion, that and education. I’m so so so soooo glad we have Medicare. Sure, it’s definitely not perfect, but thanks to Medicare I have been hospitalised multiple times without having to worry about money. I received the best care from a damn Professor of Cardiology and I did not pay a cent.

The whole education deal in the U.S freaks me out too. I’m going to be honest here, I don’t know much about how the system works. All I know is, when I was on exchange, my friend and I didn’t have to pay for tuition in Buffalo because our CSP (Commonwealth Supported Place) was covering the cost, as it usually would at Monash. For a semester the money was given to UB instead. We, as international students, didn’t have to pay tuition to attend an American University, but the local students had to pay, WTF?! No really, what is up with that? Lastly, most of us think the whole ‘right to bear arms’ crap is a pointless load of bullshit. I hate guns.


Being at home alone on your laptop, on Saturday night, as a 21 year old, feels so mega lame. The following images are from a night when I was actually somewhere else, doing something.

I found these shoes on Asos for my friend, she bought them, they look awesome.

As you can see, she’s been getting into the prints lately, I think she pulls the look off so well.

This girl was wearing a mad asos bodysuit, it’s only captured in this image a little though.

Jana is real good at the whole make up thing, unlike myself.

It was a dress up party, and I was Wednesday Addams. Which was, you know, sooo difficult (no, actually, not at all) to pull off for me.

Obviously this creation you see happening on my face was not executed by yours truly.

I don’t know why we were hanging out in a bathtub. Happy weekend.


The state of my existence is currently sucking the life out of me. Nothing to report here. Everything is quite dull, I miss creating :( I guess this outfit is a good representation of my current mood. Also kind of dull, not that exciting. Better posts are on their way. Better times too, hopefully.



WHY all the unnecessary coloured exclamation marks, you ask? Well, because this post marks the 100th I have made on DARK VICE. I’ve been blogging for a long time, but I don’t know if any of my blogs have ever reached one hundred posts. Anyway, to mark this occasion, and thank everyone who has been following my blog during the last nine months, I have decided to have a give away. Now, this give away isn’t going to be like a regular blogger give away, because I don’t have any sponsors. *Stares at empty side bar* :( No, it’s cool, I never started this blog with that intention anyway. I have had a few ad/sponsor offers now, however, half didn’t fit in with my style and the other half just seemed dodgy and totally unrelated.

Instead of having a give away sponsored by a brand, I’ve decided to pass on a few things I have acquired over the years but have no use for. I promise it’s not complete shit. It’s not a lot, but hey, I may throw in some surprises for the winner :) Besides, isn’t it the thought that counts?  

First up, we have this vintage collar.

This is a silver sequinned bow, it is attached to a pin and a hair clip, so you can wear it in your hair or on your clothes, bag, whatever.

This image is pretty bad, Sorry! But I swear the actual item is not, it’s a limited bow collar type thing. It’s pretty, but I’ve never worn it.

More bows! A bow necklace.

Everything is in practically perfect condition. If you would like to win these items, you must do the following:

1. Follow me on Bloglovin’ (not necessary if you’re not signed up to bloglovin’)
2. ‘Like’ Dark Vice on Facebook
3. Comment on this post with your Name, E-mail and your favourite colour.

If you can’t comment on the post for whatever reason, you can leave the details on the Facebook page. Anyone from any place of the world can enter. I felt so self centred typing the requirements, but by making you guys ‘like’ stuff, I’m less likely to pass on anything to a potential DV hater *glares at haters* The links to follow me on bloglovin’ and the Facebook page, are all located in the sidebar.

You have until FRIDAY THE 6TH OF APRIL TO ENTER. The winner will be selected at random. Good luck!

Now on to some regular posting. If you haven’t seen Solestruck’s new lookbook yet, head to their site and check it out! It’s pretty damn sick. My personal favourite, is the Las Vegas section. I know I’ve posted these shoes before but uh…


I customised my JC Bundys yesterday. Some of the colour was coming off, and I had some spray paint from my folio left, so I decided to paint them. I’m happy with the result. Sadly my dad goes insane if I have too many shoes at any one time, so I’m going to sell these :( Starting at 99 cents dudes, you can find these, along with my other e-bay items here. If you are at all interested, that is.

Now we shall move on to the regular outfit segment of this blog…

I don’t have anything to say about this outfit. Hmm… yeah, nothing is coming to me. I wish I had some chocolate right now.