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Does anyone remember when I began to think about being healthier and what not? I’m not exactly sure when, but it was a few months ago. I was going to discuss something srs today but eh, it’s been a long day, and quite frankly, ceebs right now. So I’m going to discuss something slightly (more like entirely) out of character, health. Like, exercise and diet type health. Because, you know, before I got started, I was completely lost and hey, I most definitely would not call myself an expert, far FAR from it. As far as you could get in fact, however, if I can assist anyone to start doing something, well… that’s pretty good I’d say.

I started the change, hmm, probably like 2 and a half months ago now. It’s a slow process, that is for sure, especially if you’re literally starting from the beginning, like I did. I was extremely unfit. I never ever exercised, like ever. I find it immensely boring unfortunately, I really do wish I enjoyed it, it would make this whole thing a lot easier. For the last 11 or so weeks I have exercised every single day, and I have completely changed my eating habits. I no longer eat any white pasta, rice, bread (unless it’s a special occasion, like my birthday this Saturday) and I avoid potatoes and all the other main carbs. I’ve eaten pasta maybe three times, it was brown and a much smaller serving than I would usually eat. I still eat quite a lot, I can’t help it, I’ve always had a big appetite, but I eat very differently. For instance, for lunch, I used to eat a large bowl of white pasta or a bowl of white rice with curry and I always ate a shit load of cheese. Now I would eat a bowl of salad with some feta cheese and a piece of mock (vegetarian) chicken breast, or something like that. Considering I absolutely LOVE pasta and rice, the change wasn’t exactly that easy, but the longer you do it for, the less tempted you feel and I’ve learnt to enjoy vegetables a lot more. There is so much you can do with vegetables, it’s quite amazing.

I guess you have to find some sort of motivation to stick to a complete lifestyle change. For me it was mainly two things. One, I’ve always hated my body, well maybe not always. I didn’t really care as a child, but since about the age of 13, I just haven’t been happy with my appearance, ever. I’m only 5’0, carrying the extra weight and looking flabby when I saw myself in the mirror made me feel so stumpy. I just hated it and I’m still not entirely happy. I know this is probably more of a psychological issue, because I’m the smallest I’ve ever been at the moment, and I’m still not really satisfied. More so because I would like to look more toned I guess, but that takes a lot of hard work, which I realise and am willing to do work on now. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, I wanted to be healthier and fitter. I think the second reason is why I stuck to my plan this time. I mean, I’ve hated my body for nine years now, and every single time I tried to do something about it, I gave up. I really wanted to be healthy this time though, I’m becoming a lot more conscious about what I put inside my body these days. Now when I look at cakes and sweets, I think twice about actually eating them. I think about what was used to create these products and whether I actually want that stuff inside of me. Considering I have hypochondria, the cause of my horrible long episode of anxiety from August 2011 till May this year, I thought trying to be healthier might help my mind feel more at ease about how vulnerable my body really is to illness. It does help, for me at least.

In terms of exercise, at the start, I started with 40 sit ups, 40 lunges, 40 squats and 15 minutes on a bike machine per day. I did that for about 2 weeks, then I moved up to 20 minutes on the bike. After 2 more weeks of that, I would do 80 sit ups, 40 lunges, 40 squats, 10 push ups and 30 minutes on the bike machine, every day. After about 4-5 weeks of this, I decided it was time to finally start jogging. So last week, my dad and I started jogging. I’ve been about 4 times now, in the days in between or when I can’t, I go back to my bike machine routine. My dad and I go out for about 30 – 40 minutes each time. Today, I jogged for 10 minutes straight without stopping :) I would still definitely consider myself a beginner, so I obviously can’t jog the full 30 minutes yet, I power walk in between sets of jogging. Jogging for a full half an hour is probably going to take a while, but at least I’m trying right?

It’s a little difficult to avoid carbs when you’re a vegetarian, but it’s not impossible! You just have to be creative, I’ve realised that you don’t need carbs, especially white pasta and rice. Besides, there are carbs in carrots and most vegetables and fruit, so I know I receive enough energy. I use a lot of Quorn products, they’re quite good :) I also eat a lot of lentils, chickpeas and so many different vegetables. My boyfriend and I also discovered a few other things during this food adventure. Below are a few of my favourites.

The sesame snaps are delicious, they are not the most low calorie snack you could eat, but man, I love them. Plus, considering I used to eat a massive triple chocolate muffin like every single day when I was 17, I figure this is a pretty decent replacement for my usual chocolate fix. Sometimes, I really do want to eat actual chocolate though, and the Atkins Endulge bar is great :) I wouldn’t recommend eating it every single day, but it’s pretty decent. It’s not as good as Cadbury or anything, but for a healthier alternative, it’s pretty decent. I hear dark chocolate is great for you too, but I can not stomach the taste, ew >.< Yoplait’s forme vanilla yogurt is the best yogurt I have ever had. Which is pretty amusing, because most people note that it’s good for a healthy alternative, but not as nice. I disagree, I actually prefer this to the variety with more calories. I really like it. However, I grew up with a horrible selection of food. My mum was a terrible cook, and I was pretty much raised on meals consisting of plain rice, plain over cooked soggy pasta (no sauce), grilled un seasoned meat that was cooked for so long that it felt incredibly stiffed, fast food and frozen meals. As a result, I don’t mind eating food without a shit load of flavour. Vanilla yogurt is actually my favourite. I hate the extra stuff. Lastly, the Quorn mince, is excellent! It’s low in fat and carbs and very high in protein. I use this product so often because you can do so much to it. Sometimes I just fry it with onion and a few vegetables. My ethnicity is Greek, so there are a lot of meals I can still enjoy thanks to the Quorn mince, like Keftedes (yuuuuuum) and Gemistes aka Stuffed Vegetables. In fact, I made them myself for the first time tonight.

Usually these are full of rice and meat mince. I decided to stuff them with the Quorn mince, brown onions, carrots, capsicum, celery, spring onions, asparagus and cauliflower. I added my favourite type of tomato sauce, and damn… do they taste good! I can’t wait to eat them tomorrow. ANYHOW, SORRY TO BORE YOU ALL WITH MY DULL FOOD AND EXERCISE TALK. I’LL MOVE ON TO THE STYLE SHIT NOW.

After I did this to my hair about a month ago, my boyfriend and I went and wondered around Myer. Because hanging out in department stores is fun sometimes. I was trying on hats, and we were told off for taking photographs. Way to ruin our fun Myer! NO WONDER YOUR SALES ARE SO LOW.

I also decided to try a cocktail or the first time in mah life. It was uuh, bigger than my freaking head! I didn’t really like it to be honest, the only alcoholic drink I’ve ever tasted and enjoyed is Smirnoff Ice Red, and guess what? It’s packed with sugar of course. Ha. Good thing I drink very rarely.

Don’t know wassup with my expression here. These are the first pair of jeans I have willingly bought and wanted to wear for YEARS like, 5 or 6 years? I sold them on e-bay though, they were a little big for me. It’s cool though, I replaced them with an awesome pair of Unif leopard print high waisted skinny pants, I’m also planning to purchase a pair of Motel leopard print jeans, the print on them is a lot nicer than the print on the jeans I’m wearing in the image above this paragraph. Alright, 1535 words, I’m going to shut up now.


Believe it or not, this post was actually going to exist a lot sooner, however, I was recently struck down, with mighty force by yet another virus. This one has produced the usual cold symptoms, except for one. Last night, I woke up at around 3AM, feeling like shit, as you do when you’re ill. After a few minutes of laying in my bed, feeling sorry for myself, I realised that I had a dull yet fairly strong pain radiating from the roof of my mouth. I moved my jaw around, and realised that my entire jaw hurt. I laid there for about an hour, went to the bathroom, came back and the pain remained. Strange, I thought, I’ve never experienced jaw pains while I was sick before. We’re never really left wondering in this day and age. After a quick google search I discovered that this symptom is not uncommon for a sinus infection. Luckily for me, Dr. Google didn’t tell me I was about to die, so I took some panadol and went to sleep.

Every time I’ve worked extended hours, I end up being sick, every single time. I’m not sure why, I guess it’s because I have to come into contact with so many people. Way more than usual, seeing as I’m such a hermit. I also have difficulty falling asleep early, even when I have to wake up at 7AM every single day. It sucks, because my body doesn’t function very well when I don’t sleep for at least eight hours. I know, I sound like such a weak loser. I’m not hardcore at all.

I’m seriously thinking about bleaching my hair next week and going pink, like I’ve wanted to for almost nine years. It’s pretty expensive though. Uuugh, WHAT TO DO?! TELL ME WHAT TO DO. Anyway, I really like my creepers, have I told you that before? I really like them. Yeah. They’re awesomeJust like the colour pink, leopard print, zelda, iggy azalea, red velvet cupcakes…. 

mmmm cupcakes. Bye.


Ok, I won’t apologise this time, because, let’s admit it. It’s beginning to get a little repetitive, but yes, this post is long overdue. What can I say guys? For some bizarre reason my life has become a little hectic lately, but let’s not dwell on that.

Are any of you (other than the people of Australia) familiar with the state of Queensland? If not, allow me to introduce you. It’s a state of Australia, located in the north east section of the country. Its capital city is Brisbane, feel free to read more about it here. The current government in Queensland has been doing all sorts of fucked up shit lately, I feel sorry for the people of Queensland, I truly do. The fact that people would actually consider voting a damn Liberal (btw the Liberal party in Australia is right wing) into power, as the Prime Minister of Australia come election time, is incredibly frightening to me. If Tony Abbot becomes the leader of this country, I will probably move hell on earth to get the fuck out of here. I feel like the current situation in Queensland is exactly what would happen across the whole nation, were Abbot to be Prime Minister. His ideas are so old fashioned and well, to me, infuriating. To read a little about the recent, disgraceful ideas the Queensland government has presented, read hereThe other day, I was at my mother’s house. I told her that I disagreed with the idea that homosexual couples should not be able to raise children, she immediately felt it was important to inform me that I was wrong. Apparently homosexual couples should never be able to raise a child. NEVER. Unfortunately, other than being extremely homophobic, my mum is also quite racist, I’ve probably informed you all about this before. It’s really sad, when you absolutely, can’t even begin to tolerate the ideas your own parents have. It’s disappointing too. I always thank my lucky stars (not really) that I didn’t turn out like her. I just can not comprehend how or why someone would feel such strong negative emotions towards someone because of their race or their sexual orientation. People say religion is to blame, I say people are to blame, religion is just an excuse people created to justify their narrow minded views. 

Anyway, on to something not so depressing. Well, actually, this is a little depressing. I’ll be on a full time contract for the next two weeks, so I’m going to be honest, the updates will most likely be heavily delayed. My hours are 10am – 6pm, so that doesn’t leave me with much time to get to my blogging activities and I won’t be wearing anything interesting in the slightest. However, I do have quite a backlog of outfits to share at the moment, so we’ll see. Hopefully I’ll catch up in the fortnight.

In other self absorbed news, I have decided I’m going to attempt to go on a damn ‘diet’ and actually be strong. Well, I just want to change my eating habits in general. As I’ve said about a billion times, I fucking hate my thighs, seriously PLEASE, you don’t have to say… “I think your thighs look fine” I’m not asking for sympathy here, I’m really not, I’m just ranting. I feel like if I blog about this, it will actually force me to stick to my plan. I’m not going to eat carbs or any junk food for the next two weeks, and I’ve decided that I’m going to get myself a gym membership. It’s time I get my shit together and do something about my fitness and health. I feel so gross, I’m sick of being a weakling and ‘indulging’ in cakes and chocolate and chips, afterwards immediately feeling terrible about myself. I’m not happy with my body, not only the way my body looks. I’m not happy with my overall health in general, I feel like I don’t eat enough vegetables or fruit. I haven’t been happy with my body or my eating habits since I was 13, I feel like it’s time to stop being miserable and actually do something about it. Plus, being a hypochondriac, I feel like the healthier I am, the less inclined I will be to ‘freak out’.

To end this post, I’m going to ask you, dear reader, for advice. I don’t really know anything about skin care. I’m 96 days away from my 22nd birthday (fuck, that number scares me) and I have never used moisturiser. Ok, I did once, for about three weeks, it was by Lancome and it was way, way too heavy for my skin. I still get break outs and their moisturiser didn’t help at all (what a waste of $56) during that time my skin was at the worst it has ever been. The foundation and primer I have is great but the actual face wash and moisturiser were terrible. I’m sure many of you know a lot more about this topic than I do. Do any of you still have break outs, and I mean, occasional vicious break outs. For me, it’s definitely hormonal. What do you guys use? Any recommendations? Also, do you think toner is essential? HEEELP ME!!! No, I can not afford a damn dermatologist. I already pay my endocrinologist $200 every visit. That’s enough specialists for now.


I’m still sick, it sucks. I’m not even talking about the physical aspect, I hate how anxious it makes me feel. I’ve actually been in a pretty decent state of mind in terms of my anxiety issues lately. Being sick has just made my brain kind of spiral out of control. I’ve been touching the bones where my chest is frequently for the last three hours and of course constantly pressing on that area is making me think about it, and thinking about it leads to pain. This ‘imaginary’ pain freaks me out and then I begin to feel like I’m struggling to breathe, even though I’m not. Ugh, I hope I get better soon. It’s difficult when I have six shifts at work this week :( At least writing this blog post is helping to distract me.

Must re-dye my hair but so damn ceebs at the moment.

I recently got a few of my designs printed. Twenty 5×7 prints and an 8×12 print. I’m going to put a few up for sale, a pack of 10 5×7 prints and three different packs of 20 5×7 prints. Twelve different 8×12 prints will also be available, I’ve got everything organised, I just need to finalise prices. I’m trying to keep everything as cheap as possible, I mean, I know I’m not an amazing well known artist or anything. I also want to create a few designs for t-shirts, tights and uuh, just clothes in general. I’ll get around to it, eventually. Ha, I don’t even know if anyone will be willing or wanting to buy any of these prints… aaaanyway. We’ll see. I’m also thinking of making them available for a zine swap type thing, even though my packs won’t technically be a zine, I’d still be up for swapping a 20 pack of my prints for a zine :)

Preview of a few 5×7 prints.

One of the prints in the series of 8×12 designs


Hello small world, sorry about the late post. I have been sick so I’ve basically just been sitting around feeling sorry for myself and not doing much. Trying to stay away from people so they don’t get infected with my virus infected cells! I really hate being sick, perhaps more so than most other people. Being sick, even with just your common cold makes me highly anxious. A regular virus that normally just gives someone a cold, once attacked my heart and could have killed me, as many of you may already know, so being sick kind of creates this state of high alert within me. For this reason I really don’t like doing much when I’m sick, I try to rest as much as possible, I don’t like the idea of my body being too weak and vulnerable. So being sick is boring as hell for me. Hence the lack of posts. I literally had nothing to post about.

I think I’ve done quite well though, it’s the first time I’ve been sick this year and customers were coughing all over me at work last week, so I was expecting this to happen. Unfortunately, when I serve some people, they stand so close to me, that I could kiss them. It’s horrible, I really value my personal space, I don’t understand why a few individuals feel the need to be so close to a complete stranger. Aaanyway.

I am happy to confirm that I’ll have my own car soon, in just less than a week, so that’s a little exciting. Well, at least for me it is. I had to go sign some paperwork today, and seeing as I was wearing the same outfit for an entire week, I decided to finally ‘dress up’ in an attempt to feel less gross about this whole being sick situation.

I’m getting better, but I’m still sick and I have to be up early tomorrow, so I think it’s about time I get ready for sleep. I’ll reply to everybody’s comments on the previous post sometime tomorrow. I hope you’re all having a decent week.