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Nothing to report today, other than apparently some customer made a complaint about me at work. Apparently I rolled my eyes at her and was “huffing and puffing” LOL, like I would be stupid enough to EVER do something like that at work. I hate people, and I especially hate people who actually make complaints about sales assistants. I have been served by some people who were actually straight up rude and kind of evil to me, but I never thought, “hmm, I’m going to make that low paid worker’s day even worse and possibly have them fired”. I mean, seriously? UGH. I was planning another huge text post but I’m actually tired right now. Weird… it’s only 11.59PM.


haha, I love this gif of Reiss






Who else hates working in retail?

P.S I now have an instagram, you can follow me @sssssophie (that is 5 s’)


Hellooooo, it’s 12.46AM, I feel so delirious. While 46 minutes past midnight may not seem very hardcore, I have been waking up early lately and not sleeping enough so I feel rather drained right now. Having informed you all of this, I’m going to keep this post short. Like my height. Mmhm.

THANKS for the birthday wishes :D I had a good birthday, best birthday EVERRRR¬†actually. I’m so lucky, my boyfriend bought me an awesome, awesome gift. I posted the presents before I unwrapped them on the Facebook page, a few people seemed curious as to what I received. I want to share with you all, but I’ve been doing important stuff lately… like actually trying (I am a major procrastinator, I inherit that from the master of procrastination, my dad) to finish my folio so I’m not just stuck in a crappy casual job forever.

I think I’m going to attempt to make a video about the birthday gifts, the idea of sitting there and photographing each item individually is not very appealing. Hopefully I’m not too awkward (I will be) in front of a camera. No birthday images yet, first I thought I would quickly compile all the outfit photos I haven’t posted. The next post will be all lame and fuzzy.

About a month ago, I ‘modelled’ aka just stood there and was photographed by my friend for his Interior Architecture final Uni project. He compiled a bunch of interesting looking stuff, I was impressed as I literally have zero building skills.

Shoes I am wearing in the above image are from Etsy. DUDE, ETSY IS SO FUCKING GREAT!!! I’m a little late with the whole Etsy craze, I’ve been checking it out for a while now but only recently became heavily addicted. My cart has like 48 items inside it right now. I’ve been deleting clothes from my Topshop cart, while adding items to my Etsy cart instead. I made a pretty large order the other night, I’ll tell you more about it later, soo much good stuff, the seller is incredible. What are your favourite Etsy stores people?! TELL ME!!!!! Speaking of selling things, I listed a few items on my Ebay page dudes, almost all of them are brand new. I’ve lost weight during this lifestyle/food/exercise change, so a lot of my clothes (particularly skirts) are too big for me now. Check out my items here. THANK YOU AND GOOD NIGHT.






This is probably the biggest deal I have made of my birthday since I was like… 8 or something. I can’t help it, I’m hyper, I mean, I HAD A FREAKING CUPCAKE FOR BREAKFAST.

Since then I’ve opened some awesome presents thanks to my even more awesome Boyfriend :) and I’ve been preparing for Black Friday by browsing for shoes online and other things. Is anyone else excited? I’m off to get ready and leave now. HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND.