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I was supposed to discuss the next topic on my mind tonight, but fuck it. It can wait. I’m so infuriated right now, it’s not even funny. I blame myself for even bothering to an extent. Someone get me the fuck off of this planet. Thanks


I would also like to add, that anyone who actually believes we live in a meritocracy is partially blind. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! OPEN YOUR EYES AND LOOK AROUND. UGH. Now I know why Diogenes of Sinope needed a lamp to look for honest people, I don’t fucking blame him.


This post, or rather, these images, have been chilling in my drafts folder for about a week. I just couldn’t be bothered bringing myself to type anything to accompany the images. Not that I really need to. I mean, I visit a lot of blogs that feature little to no written (typed) content most of the time. Real life took a front seat during the last seven days and the blog had to get to the back. It’s all good though. I’m feeling a lot better now. About everything in general, I have more motivation to actually do creative stuff. I have soo many outfits and posts to upload, so that’s going to keep me busy this week. Plus, I desperately must start planning and creating my online professional presence, aka my folio. It has to get done, I’m just going to have to be strict and set times to work on it. Pretend I have an assignment or something.

These were taken a while ago, I don’t really like the way I look in these images but meh, I like the outfit. I really don’t like my hair in that style. At all. Ew.

I’m sadly going to start being a lot more cautious about what I type on this blog. People who know me in real life read it and use it to harshly judge me and create unecessary problems in my life. I’m not sure if I’ve ever told you guys but I really fucking HATE drama and conflict. I literally loathe being involved in it. Some people thrive on that shit, but I can’t stand it and I have to rid myself of such poison in my life. Oh yeah, it’s officially spring now. Fuck my life, soon every Dark Vice post is going to be a combination of the following:


yeeeah, that’s going to be interesting. not. BUH BYE.


Working in retail can open your eyes to a whole world of bizarre people. My previous retail job was like working on a different planet, most of the people I interacted with seemed very polite, well spoken and er, just, normal I guess. My current job has an entirely different atmosphere, a completely different set of customers, they’re not all bad but ugh. I’m so sick of answering stupid questions. Day after day, I’m asked the most stupid things. Like, “Can you delete the photos from my camera please?” or, “I don’t know how to use the bluetooth in my phone, can you do it for me?” When I have a million other things to do, my job isn’t to sit there and figure out how to use YOUR phone.

I’ve had customers yell obscenities at me because the computers freeze, because 120 photos can’t be printed in five minutes, because I have to take a few details down when I’m selling a pre-paid phone. It’s like these people just forget that I’m only a human, I’m only a sales assistant, I can’t bend rules for them and I can’t control freaking computers! The other day, I learnt, that last week, a few workers had the unfortunate task of confronting a customer who had been jerking off in the fitting rooms, someone had to clean that shit up! Tonight I was told that this has happened on previous occassions. Man, what the fuck is wrong with people? Another girl informed me, that just the other week, a customer hit her because she politely told her not to jump in front of other people in a line. Dude, violence is wrong and it is not the answer nor is it ever justifiable for a reason like that. If I were that girl, I would have struggled not to go insane and demand that charges be pressed. Just because I’m wearing a work uniform, doesn’t mean people are allowed to treat me like shit. Geez!

Eh, see how thin my hair is? I hate it :(

Sometimes, while working on the images for Dark Vice, I begin to go off track and often begin experimenting. I wanted to share some of my experiments. Can you believe I had the intention of keeping the style more simple for these images? All my attempts to be ‘minimal’ seem to fail miserably. Minimalism just isn’t in me I guess.

I decided to give this random gif a rainbow of colours.

My trusty creepers.


My usually boring life felt like it took a dramatic turn for a few days. My boyfriend surprised me and booked an apartment in the city for for three nights. That was nice, we ate out, made good food, and watched the big bang theory amongst other things. Waking up and being in the city felt good. I would love to to live in the city so much, too bad it’s expensive and I don’t have the money :(

At the end of it all, we found ourselves at a train station waiting for a train that would take us closer to his house. There was a man standing on the platform on our side, who appeared to be on some sort of mind altering substance. He looked completely out of it, randomly walking around in a small area around him. As he stumbled from left to right, he would frequently fall and struggle to get back up, it was clear that this guy wasn’t behaving normally. Some idiotic bogan on the platform opposite, began yelling at him. Shouting things like, “what are ya doing ya farkin junkie?! you don’t deserve to be alive ya piece of shit” Now, while I don’t exactly have all that much respect for ‘junkies’ I would never start verbally attacking someone for no reason, especially if they appeared to be in a difficult state. Besides, we shouldn’t just judge people like that, there was no certainty that this man was a heroin user.

The man continued to behave in this unusual way, and the stupid bogan continued yelling out like a moron. A few minutes later, the man fell down again, however this time, he didn’t try to get back up. His body began to violently shake, while foam was slowly leaving his mouth. He was having a seizure. What I witnessed next appalled me. The bogan continued yelling at him, despite knowing what was happening, he even yelled out, “KICK HIM WHILE HE’S DOWN”. I mean, really? What the fuck is wrong with some people? So, that douche bag was yelling out horrible things and everyone else was just standing there, staring, some in disbelief, some people had grins on their faces… I don’t know WHY. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, so I quickly grabbed my phone from my pocket and called an Ambulance. Even the people work work at the station didn’t react so quickly, the Metro lady was just standing there on the other side, staring at the shaking man, with an expression that simultaneously appeared horrified and confused. I told her I was calling the ambulance and she nodded her head.  By the time I actually got through to someone (I was surprised at how long this took) the man was conscious and trying to get back up. Once he did, he seemed to be quite troubled and began walking around, in a strange motion, he was walking towards the end of the platform and almost fell on to the train tracks quite a few times.

The other person that works at the station had to run by his side to shield him from falling on to that tracks, especially because a train was now approaching. The Metro employee signalled desperately at the oncoming train, trying to stop it. Luckily the driver saw him and stopped literally right before the platform begins. The train waited there until the man could be calmed down. Meanwhile, I was on the phone, being asked if this man was diabetic, if he had heart problems. I told the nurse I had absolutely no idea, I didn’t know him. I had to hand my phone over to the Metro officer and wait until somebody arrived, for some reason, the Police came. My boyfriend and I were quite delayed because of this, but I wasn’t annoyed. I hope that if one day I’m by myself and happen to have some sort of medical emergency, a stranger calls an ambulance for me too.

Yesterday at work, I was answering a customer’s question and during the conversation, she informed me that her sister’s boyfriend had recently died. I felt shocked and saddened for her. I was watching the photos print out and noticed that this guy looked fairly young. I asked the girl’s mother how old he was and she told me he was 29 and killed himself. I can’t even imagine what his poor girlfriend must be going through :( Don’t take the people or person you love for granted, be nice to them and listen to them. You never know what is around the corner.

Later I noticed that two people were being escorted to the back of the store by all the managers and two security guards. The police were called. Criminals were lurking around the store and tried to steal a whole bunch of stuff. I’d never witnessed anything like that happen before.

I love this dress but I’m not sure how I feel about this outfit… hmm. I think I’m going to have the dress altered a little. I’m becoming a freaking perfectionist about the way clothes fit on me, it’s expensive. However, I’ve tamed my shopaholic ways recently and I’m forcing myself to save at least a certain amount each week. It’s going well. If anybody cared to know… which I doubt, haha.

Thanks to all the new people who have been ‘liking’ Dark Vice on Facebook!  I should really post more on that page, but I’m not sure what to post exactly. Any ideas or suggestions?


I was supposed to go look for Cars today, however, my dad had a pretty late night so… that’s not going to happen. That’s ok though, because it has given me time to share something, something disappointing. How shall I begin this? Hmmm..

Fashion guys, there are a lot of corrupted parts of the fashion world. Actually, the whole planet is fucking corrupted, because humans, like any other species, are not perfect. We are ‘intelligent’ though and when fucked up minds have the power of intelligence, crazy shit can happen. It’s like people say, a smart evil individual is a lot more dangerous than a stupid evil person. I don’t know if people actually say that, but I think that statement is true. One of the most obvious issues facing fashion and all creative industries in general is plagiarism. Where does inspiration end and blatant stealing start? Season after season chain stores are ‘inspired’ by designer clothing. Season after season we see designs ‘inspired’ or just completely stolen from designers such as Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy etc etc. You know what I’m talking about. Many people, even myself, buy these rip offs. Our reasons? We can’t afford the real thing. Even if I saved up a lot of money and only ‘invested’ in key pieces, I’d still be broke. In my current situation it would take me at least 5 months of work (without spending any of my pay) to save up for a small Chanel bag. Even if I tried to avoid these obvious rip offs, which I often do, it’s likely that something I’m buying from a chain store has been inspired by a designer label. The whole thing is pretty messed up,  but designer labels don’t really do that much about it, or perhaps it’s just too difficult to keep an eye on all the brands ripping them off. I’m guessing they’ve just accepted it as part of being in the industry, plus, a lot of these huge brands like Chanel are already making enough money.

What I find really fucked up is when a brand rips off a tiny, not well known designer and markets a stolen idea and product under their own label, often selling it for even more than the original creator. You know what is fucked up? A brand stealing a product designed by a sixteen year old girl and produced by her mother. Marketing the product as their signature item for the season and selling it for even more than the original product and refusing to admit that they’ve done anything wrong.

I’m sure many of you have heard of Larissa, the brain child of Velvet Codeine – her blog and Miracle Eye, an online clothing store that she owns and runs. I first discovered Larissa on Lookbook, I then found her blog and was amazed by this young teen’s excellent sense of style. I loved everything she wore. I then discovered her online store and fell in love with that too, the fabrics she chooses for the clothing are so lovely. The clothing on Miracle Eye is designed by Larissa and produced by her mother. I, being a very loyal Miracle Eye customer myself, was appalled when I learnt that a brand based in L.A had ripped off one of Larissa’s designs. 

This is the dress that has been on the Miracle Eye website for quite some time. Worn by Larissa herself.

If you click THIS LINK you will see the ripped off design, it’s by a brand called See You Monday. Exact same fabric, identical style, with what appears to be a  difference in length. Larissa has been very supportive of Dark Vice for many months now. Like the Sharkies of Black Milk who always jump to defend the brand they love whenever they spot a copy,  I couldn’t help but feel the need to defend Larissa. Us bloggers have to stick together and support each other in times like this. Something like this would never happen to a blogger like Tavi who is so well known and widely respected, so damn it, it shouldn’t happen to talented, innovative girls like Larissa either. I know what it feels like to be copied, especially when you don’t even feel like you’re established yet, it’s fucking infuriating. So please support Larissa guys and DON’T buy the copied version. Buy Larissa’s original! it’s cheaper too! Plus, Larissa’s store gives you the option of having the clothing tailored to your measurements. If that’s not enough to persuade you, I don’t know what is!

To finish this post off, an outfit I wore last week. I think these are the shortest shorts I’ve ever worn.

I shall reply to comments tonight! Must quickly get ready for work now :(

All the photos used for the images of Larissa are from her blog and store.