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This is probably the biggest deal I have made of my birthday since I was like… 8 or something. I can’t help it, I’m hyper, I mean, I HAD A FREAKING CUPCAKE FOR BREAKFAST.

Since then I’ve opened some awesome presents thanks to my even more awesome Boyfriend :) and I’ve been preparing for Black Friday by browsing for shoes online and other things. Is anyone else excited? I’m off to get ready and leave now. HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND.


Do you ever have those days when you feel kind of blank and wonder just what exactly you’re doing with your life? I’ve been thinking like that lately, it’s a little frightening and daunting. I mean, really, what the hell am I doing? I have to get my shit together man. Getting this together, involves blogging more frequently, cause you know, when I was on top of it all, I really enjoyed blogging… but now I’m so behind my own damn queue, I feel like I’m drowning in a pool of potential outfit posts, or something like that. I just confused myself. Face palm.

I’ve been wearing a variation of shirts with shorts or more often skirts lately, I used to absolutely LOVE dresses, but I don’t reall own many these days. I’ve become very fussy with dresses, I only buy them if they are EXACTLY what I’m looking for, and even then, I often get them altered. Ugh, so expensive, I need a better paying job!


Shiiit man! this is probably the longest delay ever that I’ve ever had on this blog. Sorry guys, being sick doesn’t really put you in a creative type of state. Instead, I was just in this temporary, sick induced, rut. So, that sucked. I was, thinking however, during this stage, you know, as you do…

I realised, that people are really freaking shallow. I mean, REALLY shallow. It’s incredible. Believe it or not, I’ve realised this thanks to Tumblr with a little help from its pal Facebook. I know humans are visual creatures and all, and I’m very fussy and judgemental when it comes to an item of clothing I’m going to buy, but come on, people aren’t objects!! More on this during the next post. I really want to discuss it, however, I feel bad about using a certain semi famous tumblr girl as an example, not that I have anything against this person, it’s just a particular picture of her would help to prove my point. Hmm, I’ll think about it.

Random outfit from one of my sick days. No peeps, again, practiced my digital skillz and photoshopped the hell out of my face. My skin is going through some sort of hell and there are red patches EVERYWHERE. I should actually wear my black lipstick though.

Allow me to introduce you to my new shoes. The first pair of flat shoes I have bought since 2007, they were a necessity. Driving for me wearing platforms is impossible, it’s dangerous, so I had no choice but to purchase a pair. I personally think they’re really cute, my sister believes they are one of the lamest things she’s ever seen. Meh, whatever

I have to admit, I do feel rather stumpy wearing flats.

Remember I said I was going to try and take more photos with my bf? Here is one of our first attempts, of course I wasn’t brave enough to expose my entire face, the cup served as a good barrier. We were both wearing black jumpers with collared shirts underneath that day. We were matching! I felt a little awkward, don’t worry… I didn’t call him and plan to co-ordinate when I was getting dressed.

Aaanyway, so how have you guys been?! Tell me something interesting… and if you’ve never commented, comment and give me your blog link! I WANT NEW BLOGS TO CHECK OUT. Thank you :)


Good evening internet friends. As you may or may not have assumed, I am, unfortunately, still sick. :( At the moment, I feel a little weak and tired. I’m rather upset, I would have made a decent amount of money at work this week, instead I have taken four days off. You know what sucks? My boyfriend’s 21st birthday is in only TWELVE DAYS. I’m planning a kind of epic present for him, so the extra cash really would have helped :( damn illnesses! Fuck. This cold, hasn’t even affected my nose as usual. It’s all in my throat, instead of a blocked nose, I have a blocked freaking throat!! I sound like a fool when I speak. Even my dad told me to shut up today because my voice sounds so annoying :( Other than ruining birthday present plans, being sick also ruined the day for me.

The outfit I wore on the second day of being sick. NO trust me, I did not actually look so decent. I edited my face. Look, I post some pretty unflattering images on this blog, at least I think so, but I couldn’t bring myself to expose myself. I look like total crap, my face looks all blotchy and just gross, of course I wasn’t wearing any make up. I could have just covered my face with some pixels like I usually do, but I decided to practice my photo editing skills. You never know, it could come in handy one day!

Back to what I was saying before about the day being ruined – AH YES! Today, Friday the 13th, was our (myself and my bf) second anniversary. Two years, it hasn’t really felt that long, then again, in the scheme of everything, two years really isn’t that long. It’s cliche, but time really does fly when I’m with him. I remember when we first started with this… err, romantic relationship, we used to sit in his car near the beach for five to six hours. Usually after midnight until five to six in the morning. Yeah, we were hardcore back then. My dad is really strict guys, I was 19 at the time, and when he found out I had a boyfriend (my first) he went mental. At the beginning I had to sneak out of my house after both my parents had gone to sleep to see him. Usually that’s what 14 – 15 year olds do, not almost 20 year olds. Oh well. I’m 21 (turning 22 in November.. AAAH!!!!) and my dad still can’t contain his anger when I occasionally stay over at my boyfriend’s place. A lot of people find this strange, I’m used to it. I’ve never really had ‘normal’ parents after all.

We didn’t do anything for our first anniversary, we just exchanged gifts. No fancy dinners or anything. I’m not exactly sure why, I don’t remember… but we just didn’t. We don’t have loads of pictures together or anything, actually we barely have any photos together, but I’m going to try and change that. I mean, he is supposed to be the most important person in my life, I should have more than just like.. two pictures of us together right? Anyway, pointless rambling going on here. I wanted us to actually do something for our anniversary this time but that got ruined by the virus occupying my throat right now. Hopefully there will be many other anniversaries to celebrate.

Anyway, that’s all for me tonight. My mind is off some place else at the moment and I’m trying to keep it all together. Hope you all have a good weekend :)


WASSUUUUP? Is it possible to have too many 60s inspired coats? If so, how many is too many dear reader? These are the questions one must really contemplate in their time. Hmm.

I have to admit, the editing of the images today is pretty crappy. I made these extra fast and just ceebs today (yesterday) Sorray.

Today I was offered a full time contract at work for at least 7 weeks. Possibly an extra 5 later. I felt a little depressed. It’s already July and I still don’t have a graphic design job :( Maybe I should just give up on my design hopes, what do you think? Is it time to think about another direction to go in? I’m so confused. Working 39 hours a week is going to suck the life out of me, not that 39 hours a week is deadly, but when it’s a job your heart isn’t really set on, things can get a little draining. You know what I’m saying? Although my rate of pay will drop, I’ll still be making a decent amount of cash, and hey, I just got a car, so at least I won’t be freaking out about having enough money for petrol. Sigh, I really do wish I had a creative job by now though. I feel like I’ve been putting in all this work for years for nothing.

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