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I’m soooooo effing tired right now, like my eye lids are drooping south so I’m going to keep the text part of this post super short. Kewl Ego and Greed shoes worn thanks to my fav online store Solestruck who the shit doesn’t like hologram these days?











I can’t deal with heat, it sucks the life out of me. I’m sitting here, feeling sticky, drained and generally disgusting. Mm, so nice. Good thing I have so many photos to update you all on, because warm weather does not exactly inspire me to dress very well.





Photos of my friend Jana who has been on this blog before. These are from New Years Eve. Wow, that seems like a while ago now.






Hi there. Hello, What’s up? G’day. Yo, whatevz, what’s the happs? How are you? Gooood? Yeah, me too, well you know, could be better, but heeey, first world, can’t complain aye?

Okay then, now that the awkward postponed internet greeting has been dealt with, I shall get back to my regular blogging flow. Well, not quite yet. First, I’m going to congratulate the United States of America for electing Obama as the president once again. Thank you. I’ve been thinking about possibly moving to the U.S (specifically L.A) lately, and if Mitt Romney won… well, I would definitely have to reconsider.

Greeeaat, my left hand is currently falling asleep. How convenient, I have a feeling this is the result of typing and how cold my hands are at the moment. ANYWAY.

Speaking of American elections. I stumbled across this article about a bunch of ill informed American citizens who would like to move to Australia because Barack Obama will be the president for another term. I found it fucking hilarious. I was going to go on and on about why this idea is incredibly stupid, but I think this graphic I found sums it up quite well.

Yes, that’s right mofos. We have universal health care, and I’m pretty damn cerain we (most of us, other than a few crazy people) all like it. In fact, this year the Medicare levy was raised for those earning above a certain amount of money per annum. I think it’s about $84,000+ for singles, and guess what? There was no uproar, no talk about fucking death panels (uuuuuuuugh) in fact, most people working in Health care thought it was a good thing. I don’t understand how a country can truly consider themselves modern without universal health care to be honest. Health care should be the NUMBER ONE priority in my opinion, that and education. I’m so so so soooo glad we have Medicare. Sure, it’s definitely not perfect, but thanks to Medicare I have been hospitalised multiple times without having to worry about money. I received the best care from a damn Professor of Cardiology and I did not pay a cent.

The whole education deal in the U.S freaks me out too. I’m going to be honest here, I don’t know much about how the system works. All I know is, when I was on exchange, my friend and I didn’t have to pay for tuition in Buffalo because our CSP (Commonwealth Supported Place) was covering the cost, as it usually would at Monash. For a semester the money was given to UB instead. We, as international students, didn’t have to pay tuition to attend an American University, but the local students had to pay, WTF?! No really, what is up with that? Lastly, most of us think the whole ‘right to bear arms’ crap is a pointless load of bullshit. I hate guns.


Sorry about the poor quality of images lately, can’t do much with all this noise in the photos. I should seriously invest in a tripod. Now, a serious questions guys, so serious… that I’m making it the only written part of this post. I know a lot of people have iPhones. My phone is a piece of shit. I really want an iPhone, however, the thought of parting with that sort of money ($999) for a phone when I’m just a casual worker is a little frightening. Is the iPhone worth it?


Do you ever have those days when you feel kind of blank and wonder just what exactly you’re doing with your life? I’ve been thinking like that lately, it’s a little frightening and daunting. I mean, really, what the hell am I doing? I have to get my shit together man. Getting this together, involves blogging more frequently, cause you know, when I was on top of it all, I really enjoyed blogging… but now I’m so behind my own damn queue, I feel like I’m drowning in a pool of potential outfit posts, or something like that. I just confused myself. Face palm.

I’ve been wearing a variation of shirts with shorts or more often skirts lately, I used to absolutely LOVE dresses, but I don’t reall own many these days. I’ve become very fussy with dresses, I only buy them if they are EXACTLY what I’m looking for, and even then, I often get them altered. Ugh, so expensive, I need a better paying job!