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EDIT//UPDATE (20.01.2013)

This is a message, to let you all know that DARK VICE will be having a hiatus indefinitely. I love blogging, I’ve been doing it since I was 13 years old, blogging and the internet and teaching myself web design and blah blah blah, is what got me into graphic design in the first place. But right now, it’s also in the way of me actually pursuing graphic design as a serious career. I’ve been blogging on Dark Vice for over a year now and it’s been great, but it’s also heavily distracted me from doing something a lot more important. Actually focusing on getting a design job. I’ve been out of University for an entire year now, and I’m still just a casual in retail. An old casual who is probably going to lose her job to people who are a lot younger and can therefore be paid a lot less. If I don’t stop and focus seriously on getting a design job, I feel like I might have a mental breakdown. It’s time to get real. Most people who were in my course have design jobs or internships now. All I have is a low paying, dead end job… and a blog, that’s it. I thought sticking with the blog might get me a few design work opportunities, and editing images for my posts is good for my creativity. But let’s face it, it’s not enough, it’s no where near enough and this blog is obviously not going to really help me get a job anytime soon.

I didn’t start Dark Vice to get a job through it, but I’m a motivated person. If I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it properly, which is why I put so much work into the images on this blog, why I think so hard about the topics I write, why I don’t just type about how trendy the 90s are right now, and I love this blog but I can’t survive through its existence. I need to shift my motivation to something that will actually help me achieve my goals in life. Like moving out of home, moving to another country, travelling, starting a clothing label with my prints. Money isn’t everything, but I need to make some of it to have a life.

I’ll be back, soon, I hope. It might take a few weeks, a month maybe, much more than a month, and I’d be procrastinating. I’m a speedy worker when I set myself deadlines, so I’ll be back soon and this time, I will actually have something proper to showcase to the world.

Thank you to my small group of followers who have left such kind and thoughtful comments. Thank you for the support during some of the darkest moments of my life last year. AAH, I’m getting teary just typing this. I’ve felt like a loser for the majority of my life, but you guys make me feel like… maybe, just maybe, I do belong somewhere.

Enjoy the holiday season :)

- Sophie.

P.S I’ll still update the FACEBOOK page occassionally, I mean, as if I’m not going to share my Black Friday purchases! You can always contact me through my Tumblr ask box, or my e-mail: and I’m obviously always free for design work. ^_~ 


A few days ago, well, maybe a week ago now. I was looking at the outfits presented by those lucky enough to attend the Met Gala. They were blasted all over my facebook wall, so I couldn’t exactly avoid the images. Personally, I wasn’t too impressed by the way people decided to dress themselves. Most outfits looked boring, dull, unimaginative or just plain awkward to me. There were two looks that I remembered though.

Images of Florence and Cate from the Alexander McQueen Facebook page

Florence Welch and Cate Blanchett. The dress that Florence is wearing is incredible. However, It doesn’t look like it would be easy to pull off. Florence has an amazing sense of style though and she can pull off a lot of crazy shit, I love the extravagance of the dress. If you’re not familiar with her, or her style, type her name into the Tumblr search bar, some of her ensembles are soo good! Cate also looks absolutely stunning. I love the fact that the dress is black (of course), I love the high neckline and the overall texture of the piece. Both of these ladies are dressed in Alexander McQueen. Although, I could never afford to buy anything from this spectacular label, at least not for now, I thought I’d participate in some harmless online browsing anyway.

Images of dresses from

These prints guys, they’re freaking amazing! wouldn’t you agree? Clothes like these give me this desire to get into textile design. If you have any spare change you can buy or just check out the designs of Alexander Mcqueen at The online store also has a lot of other heavenly clothing that I sadly can’t afford. I was thinking about creating a few mock ups of clothing with my prints covering them. You know, just to see what it would look like. What do you think? Should I try that out?

I thought I’d randomly skip ahead in my queue of outfits to post and share what I wore yesterday. It was quite cold, and the only person who could take my outfit photo was my yiayia (grandmother) so I don’t have too many photos of this particular outfit. Only the two I’m sharing actually. You can’t see what is underneath the jacket, but don’t worry, it’s not great. I have to get that dress altered.

I’ve been waiting to wear these socks since about November last year. They’re quite thick so I had to wait until it was cold enough. I originally wore them with my creepers but I felt like that typical image of a witch way too much. You know, like the witch from the Wizard of Oz or something? Not necessarily a bad thing, but not me.

Eh, I like this jacket, but man, it’s covered in so much lint right now. Any advice on how to remove it?

Sorry I’ve been a little slack with posting lately. I’ve just had a lot of stuff on my plate. It’s a shame because I have quite a lot of ~controversial~ things I’d like to discuss, but no time to sit here and type :( I promise that the next post will be more interesting!


What a lame… corny title I chose for this post. It was spontaneous, I didn’t sit here thinking about it for hours, just in case you were wondering, haha. Still, quite cheesy, considering I’m going to share the items I purchased from Miracle Eye today. It’s an online store owned by Larissa, who blogs on Velvet Codeine. I’m sure a few of you have been to her blog already.

I had been browsing Miracle Eye for a while and initially bought two tops, which you’ll see below. I was really happy with both of them and above all, I loved the fabric. The fabrics that Larissa finds are just stunning and quite unique, well, at least I think so. I’m not a huge leggings person though, apart from my lazy days and I’m extremely fussy when it comes to dresses. I noticed that Miracle Eye gives the customer the opportunity to enquire about custom orders, another huge plus for me. The idea of getting an item custom made is nice, knowing that no one else will this particular piece of clothing is pretty cool, I must say. So, I decided to e-mail Larissa with a list of skirts I wanted to have made with the various fabrics she uses. I felt pretty damn annoying the whole time but she was so patient and cool about everything, even when I changed my mind about one of the skirts, pretty last minute.

Once I received everything, I was ecstatic, everything looked wonderful and the quality was good too, especially for the low prices. I was so happy with my Miracle Eye experiences that I’m extremely tempted to e-mail Larissa with another custom enquiry haha… but I feel too irritating to ask. I wore one of the skirts the other day, as seen in the previous post, but I’ve captured all the other skirts I received to.

Most of these clothes make me feel like some sort of enchanted cartoon character. The black lace top is from Chicwish.

Especially this top and skirt!

This wasn’t a paid advertisement in anyway. I love Larissa’s blog and personal style, so I just wanted to share my experience about her store with you and let you know about it, incase you didn’t :) Anyway, I have an appointment with a Psychiatrist soon, I’m a little nervous, wish me luck, or don’t. It’s fine either way.


To anyone who saw my melodramatic post. Sorry about that. People do stupid things when they’re having a panic attack, and are completely consumed by irrational fear. Before I move on, I’d like to address something. If you, for whatever reason don’t like my blog, don’t like me, or anything I type on this piece of internet space that I paid for. By all means, feel free to move on to something that you do like.

Today I’m going to review a few things I recently purchased, for anyone who might possibly be interested. I’m sure by now, a lot of you have heard of Chicwish. It’s an online store based in Hong Kong. They sell up to date, rather trendy clothing at pretty affordable prices. I’d seen Chicwish advertised on a lot of blogs I follow and Lookbook. I have thought for some time, that a few of their pieces are cute, but I was always very skeptical about ordering anything. A lot of their items are only available in one size and most of the people modelling their clothes seemed a lot thinner than me. I decided to take my chances and ordered a few tops and skirts from the store about two weeks ago. You never know unless you try, right?

This is what I ordered. Everything I received, looked how it was pictured on the site, well apart from one thing with the skirts, I’ll get to that in a moment. Even the colours were accurate. For the prices, the quality was decent enough too, definitely wearable. It didn’t feel like anything was about to fall apart. I’d say that the quality is definitely better than the clothing from Forever 21 and perhaps even Urban Outfitters. Most of the items I’ve ever purchased from UO seem like they’re about to fall apart after a few wears.

Another plus was that the shipping was free. I was a little nervous about the items not fitting me. All the shirts looked okay. They did feel a bit tight around the chest area when I was putting them on, but once they were on, they felt fine. Nothing amazing, but good enough to keep and wear. Both the skirts were a different story. They were so much shorter than I thought they would be, and I’m short. I think I’m only just over 5’0. I like wearing skirts on my waist and I couldn’t do that with these, they didn’t cover anything worn that high. It seemed like the only way I could get away with wearing them, was by keeping them at my hips, which I wasn’t prepared to do. I’m going to send both of those back. Another problem with both the skirts is that their waist bands didn’t stretch very far. I don’t think anyone much bigger than me could wear them. According to my doctor, for my height, my BMI is ‘perfect’. So someone like my sister who is a few inches taller than me, couldn’t wear anything from Chicwish. It’s a shame that they don’t have a wider variety with sizes, because my sister would definitely like their style.

The skirts also didn’t puff out as much as I thought they would. I have two of the reversible petticoats from AA, they’re amazing. So I guess my standards for tutu style skirts are pretty damn high now. The customer service at Chicwish is good, they’re very polite and fast to answer, so no issues on that side. Would I order from them again? Probably not. I’m not a huge fan of the general selection of the products they sell, plus I don’t feel like I’d have luck with the sizing very often. On the other hand, If you’re a petite girl and like cute style, I’d definitely recommend Chicwish.