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That is what my boyfriend called me when he saw this outfit… he also thought that the wig maked me look like a transvestite, charming. Sure, I guess I went a little overboard with the pastels, but am I deserving of the princess title? I think not. Pastel Monster is a better example, hahaha. Trust me, I looked like complete death before I photoshopped my face. I was going to wear make up to make myself look acceptable (my skin was absolutely SHOCKING at this point) but I couldn’t be bothered, I mean, the photoshop effects are similar anyway. It’s just like wearing make up, only… digital make up.

My boyfriend is the reason this post is so delayed. He was in major pain on Friday night and didn’t sleep at all, he informed me on Saturday morning and I got to him as soon as I could. He looked terrible when I saw him, obviously uncomfortable and in a lot of pain and shaking, he felt like he was freezing too. I forced him to go to the hospital, and good thing I did. His appendix was inflamed and it was surgically removed. I was so freaking relieved that it wasn’t something serious. I was a bit nervous, thinking kidney infection, but when the doctors suspected his appendix I felt a little better, seeing as appendicitis is so common. He is at home now and recovering slowly and I feel tired as hell… AGAIN, haha.

He was at the same hospital and on the same level that I was when I had myocarditis a few years ago. Being there… just waiting, in that environment, for so long, brought back a lot of frightening memories. I swear if he was in hospital for much longer I would have ended up having some sort of anxiety attack. When you’re not the one being treated, hospitals aren’t the best places for hypochondriacs. At least not for me, I just end up thinking about all sorts of medical stuff, about all the sick people etc.

Plus, I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but holy shit, the lighting in hospitals is HORRIBLE! It’s so bright and fluorescent and that sort of lighting always ends up giving me an intense headache behind my eyes and around my eyebrows. Eugh.

I really love these shoes.


I went to the doctor yesterday and told him that I think it’s time to try medication for my anxiety issues. I have been avoiding it for about six months but after more recent anxiety attacks, I thought it was about time I try something new, I guess. After I received the medication at the pharmacy, my boyfriend read the informative pamphlet and advised me against taking them. I didn’t read it myself, because I knew that it would scare me off the medication. I always think I’m going to get the worst side effects when I read those things. The pharmacist did tell me that most people get insomnia, nausea and headaches though, which was enough to tempt me to research the drug online. Well, that was a bad idea, I found myself on a whole forum about the drug: Paxtine.

Almost every user on the forum who had used it advised against ever taking it. I’m not sure what to do now. I’m sick of feeling anxious so often but at the same time, I don’t want to be stuck in this drug loop. The Pharmacist told me that I could be on it for three years. Apparently trying to free yourself of the drug is hell. The thing that turned me off the most was reading a few people mention that they still had panic and anxiety attacks while they were being treated with it. What’s the point of taking something if it doesn’t even seem to work properly? I mean, I don’t think I’m even that severely depressed. I have hypochondria, I don’t create symptoms, but I overreact when any symptom, no matter how small, presents itself. I know it sounds crazy, but I even feel my anxiety growing when I just have a headache.

Has anyone else ever suffered from hypochondria? I could really use some advice right now. Yeah, yeah, I know I should go talk to a professional, but I saw a psychologist for six sessions last year and it was expensive as hell.

My boyfriend is very interested in drugs. Not just illegal substances, but drugs in general, he finds their effects interesting and reads a lot about them and seems to think that there are far better options. I’m not an expert, and neither is he. However, neither is the doctor that prescribed them to me. Perhaps it would be better to see a psychiatrist. Ah, so confused!

A bunch of people walked past and laughed at me today while my boyfriend was taking photos of my outfit, meanies!


The outfit to be showcased for today is not that exciting. Partly because of the weather… fuck this humidity! According to the bureau of meteorology the rest of the week is going to be very humid. YAAAAAAY! So exciting! ……… NOT. I am so over summer. Yes, northern hemisphere, you can have it! Please, by all means, get it away from me! This weather just makes everything such a huge, tiring, effort. I despise it. Doesn’t this happen to anyone else? Don’t you just want to lay around in a pool of ice cream wearing whatever you wear to sleep and not think about getting dressed? I feel so uninspired during summer, you can’t exactly wear too much. Especially, in Australian heat. Let me tell you, we have mild winters, but our summers (unless you live in Tasmania… maybe) are bloody scorchers! *bogan accent* I much prefer the style options that winter provides me with. Eh, first world problems, I sound like such a whiny bitch *slaps self*

Other than the ongoing fashion catastrophe that is the weather, I had an appointment with an endocrinologist today and my dad goes insane if I wear clothing that is far too ‘over dressed’ for serious occasions, like, going to medical appointments. Perhaps I should ‘man up’ and face the music (my dad) but, whatever, I ceebs with that today. Sometimes the thought of listening to the exact same complaint I’ve heard since the age of fifteen makes me want to wear jeans, ballet flats and a v-neck, t-shirt. Don’t worry, that’s not going to happen though. I’d feel like a freakazoid.

Oh, good news friends! I was told that my thyroid levels are perfect, ooh how very exciting! However, I still have to be on medication for at least twelve months. S’all good though, I mean, popping pills is what cool people do, and seeing as I’m a nerdy, goody two shoes, I would like to take every opportunity to be part of the cool gang :D

You know, this is one of the oldest and longest dresses I have. It’s stuck with me since 2008 and has been worn so many times. It’s the most expensive dress I own, it was heavily discounted to $120. Paying more does have its benefits sometimes, I’ve worn this dress more than any other in my wardrobe, yet it doesn’t seem worn out, at all. I’m not sure why I haven’t decided to move on, I seem to tire of my clothes quite quickly so I wonder what’s different about this dress. Hmm.