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I’ve been putting this off because of a lot of other stuff… and well, now it’s just really fucking hot and simply sitting here is making me sweat, so, I really wasn’t in the mood to work on my overheating laptop. BUT, I forced myself. The images look kind of shitty because of how lethargic I feel though. Sorry about that.

I wrote a comeback post (kind of) already but it was so heavy, long and super ranty so I decided to lock it. Maybe I’ll unleash it another day, but for now, it’s probably better if it remains hidden.

Basically, I’m redeveloping this blog and it’s going to take a new direction. Less outfit photos, because, you can see them on my instagram, more sharing. Because, sharing is caring. No, more like, I have a dangerous obsession with shoes and I feel like if I share my obsession with whoever wants to see it, I’ll be a little less tempted to buy every single pair. Not that I can anyway, haha, I am no where close to being able to afford a huge purchase like that. 

So, I’ll have regular features on the blog that will have similar themes. I ceebs explaining, but you’ll get the point sooner or later.

This is just a general, “Hey. Hi, how are you? By the way, I’m alive” post. Life has been pretty meh lately. I won’t bother explaining why, no one wants to know. Christmas was alright, New Years Eve was pretty meh, even Boxing Day was pretty… you guessed it, MEEEEH. I feel freaking old too, (why is that a negative thing?) so there is that.

backbackHere I am, looking pretty M-E-H (me, not the hair, I like the hair) with my brand new hair. Many thanks to my sister.

backback2This is the meh-ish outfit I wore on boxing day. It was pretty warm, alright! Plus, I’ve been feeling lazy and self-conscious lately, which means I have no energy to go out and be stared at by everyone and their mum. Oh, and this sort of outfit STILL garners attention. Wtf?! Yeah, I don’t know why either, I mean, it’s sooo boring. BORING x 100. W/E that means. I also bumped into (FASHION) Hayley on Boxing day. I walked into a shoe store and she was standing right there, so I had to wave, she waved back… but I wasn’t sure if she knew who I was hahahaha. Thankfully she did and we talked about, Seoul, I think? Because I’m seriously considering moving to South Korea this year. She was really nice and not intimidating or anything, so, thanks for not making me feel like a weirdo Hayley! :) 

backback3Bee tee dubs, for anyone not following, Boxing Day is like the Australian version of Black Friday. I think it’s a tradition in some other nations as well. I browsed quite a lot during the day but only purchased one item. The skirt above. For $26 – yay! Usually I don’t get those sort of prices unless I’m on Asos. Not that I mind paying a little extra for items, especially if I know the brand isn’t using slave labour. I try to be conscious in my greedy, materialistic life sometimes. I tried on the shoes at Zomp that day but they didn’t have my size, luckily they did on their online store so they are also mine now. Hooray for retail therapy. Less hoorays for disappearing funds.

Shit, this post was weird. More to come. L8RZ.




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And when I talk about shifting moods; I’m talking about the damn weather. How dull, right? I’m in too much of a zombie induced state to discuss anything else right now. I keep wanting to shift my attention back to this blog… buuuut, oh my god, there is just so much homework to be done!!

I mean… GUYS.

I spent TEN HOURS at University in one day last week.




That’s a record for me… okay, now I feel bad because I remember during my undergrad course there were people who would pull all nighters at uni. Still, ten hours straight is a long time – at least for me. I feel like I’ve never completed so much academic work so quickly in my entire life. I guess that is the life of post-graduate study. Eeeh.

Only a few weeks to go now.

Anyway, like I said, I’m trying to post more regularly – even if it means writing while I feel like sleeping instead. Oh, sweet sleep, I miss sleeping in :’(

Now about that weather. Look Melbourne, you’re the coolest city in Australia and all, but seriously, PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER!! One day it’s 30 degrees, the next day it drops to 17 degrees. A 13 degree (celsius) drop?! Wth is that?! It’s like my body begins getting used to warmer weather and then BAM! it’s cold again.

I’m feeling alright this year about spring because, for some shocking reason… I was kind of getting over the cold weather, (I usually LOVE winter) not sure why, I think my body just was not prepared to deal with it this year. The cold weather affected me big time this year and I just wanted to bury myself in a pile of blankets and never move. Ever. Usually during winter I’m about and about doing my thang – but not this time. Maybe it’s because this Uni course makes me feel so damn tired and lifeless all the time.

Anyway, what was I saying? Ah yes – spring! I don’t mind it. Well, except for the fact that it seems to be MOTH BREEDING SEASON. EEEEW, am I the only person who basically has a phobia of those gross… eeh, things!? I hate moths, I HATE THEM. They just freak me out. I can look at a spider, but moths. *Shivers*

I should really stop complaining about the weather though, what a major first world problem. Plus, other than the climate’s drastic mood changes, in general, it’s actually pretty mild. I mean, I was trying to make myself feel better about the cold today, so I looked at these canada goose clothes and dude, let me tell you, there is definitely, absolutely no need for clothing like that in this city… but if it did snow here, I don’t think I’d mind dressing like a puffy person.

Um, my brain function is shutting down now, so I’m going to leave with some other old pics that are pretty old now. So much to catch up on. I’ll get there… I swear.







R.I.P Pink hair :(


My boyfriend put a cowboy style hat on me today and the only thing I could think to say was, “Howdy… howdy, howdy, howdy… how-dee” On repetition, like a broken record. Erm, a really bad broken record. Like a record that already sucked before it became damaged.

Man, I don’t know how I found the time to blog so often last year, I seriously don’t. I hate how little I blog these days, like I actually hate it. I always have so many thoughts about so many things that I want to write/type about but I just can’t seem to find time anymore, but I’m going to keep trying harder. Plus, I’m dying to type about my dislike of celebrity culture right now, so hopefully there won’t be a massive 2 month + delay after this.

So, to catch whoever may be interested up on what I have been wearing lately – seeing as the visual side of this blog mainly focuses on my outfits, I decided to put a collection of instagram images together. You can follow my instagram here btw. On my instagram you will find my slightly depressing various changes of hair this year. My pink hair did not last very long because I was asked to change it for my placement at a school :(










I won’t get into a long ranty post right now – mostly because I just don’t have the time, so I’ll leave you with an ‘achievement’ of mine… lol. Oh god, does anyone else even use lol anymore? Whatever. I’ve been trying to gently encourage my boyfriend to experiment more with what he wears. Before I entered his life, ALL HIS SOCKS SUCKED, and let me tell you people, SOCKS FOR MEN ARE SO UNDER RATED!!! Oh my god, the socks section at David Jones is seriously so much cooler than the sock section for women! Finally my boyfriend’s sock collection is awesome, mainly thanks to me. Maybe one day I’ll take a photo of them.

In the meantime, allow me to show you how well dressed I would be if I was a deeeewd. Pretty damn well, if I do say so myself.


I think if I was a guy I would mainly stick to black skinny jeans or black pants/trousers. I’m really into nice pants for guys these days. I found this site that has loads of nice pants for men actually, I should show my bf when he finishes work for later, hmmm.

Well, I better go now, need to exercise -_- :( eeeeeh…


God knows if anyone will read this post or if anybody will even remember this blog exists. It’s been five months, that’s a pretty dayum long time. I feel terrible and I miss blogging so very much :( my existence has just been absolutely swamped lately and I have not completed so many things I want to complete.

I plan to post again soon (I hope) but long story short: my career as a graphic designer, at this stage, will most likely never actually happen so I was pressured by my family to enrol in a post-graduate education course. I was incredibly nervous and apprehensive, but what the hell? I’m actually enjoying it =/ weird. Well, maybe not that weird, I was, after all, a complete nerd in high school. Anyhow, a brand called SWAYCHIC kindly sent me this dress like three weeks ago and I’ve been so damn busy, I had to squeeze editing these images during my time on placement these last two days. I even got in trouble for being on my laptop in class :( and cried :( :( but I felt terrible and I was almost certain the lovely people at Sway Chic were going to turn into monsters and kill me because of how delayed my images were. Not really monsters, but you know what I’m saying… I basically just felt really bad. So, sorry guys! I’m sure many of you are familiar with this online store, they have pretty cool stuff for very affordable prices.







My god, it was a nightmare trying to shoot such a lovely floral dress whilst it’s pouring, gloomy, dark and freezing in Melbourne right now, plus, I have like zero summery clothes right now… so I basically struggled, but I think I did an alright job considering. Anyway, the dress is super ca-ute! If you’re interested, check it out here.

Anyway, must go pass out from exhaustion. TTYL.