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Helloo, I hope a few people enjoyed the interview with the girls from the Fabulous Stains. I’ve felt very rushed recently, so I haven’t been too inspired outfit wise, which is a shame, seeing as I enjoy getting dressed so much. I am taking photos and styling this Friday though, so hopefully that will re-ignite my lost spark. Seeing as the last post was so full of BAM, IN YO FACE, crazy graphics, I decided to give my brain a break and keep things simple for this post. Presenting an outfit from two weeks ago that was, until now, lost in the world of my boyfriend’s memory card.

Yes, keeping it minimal to the maximum (if such a thing is possible?) and only posting two images today. This is like, my way of PRINT CLASHING you guuuuuyssssss. Haha, no, actually I wasn’t trying to print clash on purpose, it was just a coincidence. I actually don’t own that many clothes with prints on them. Mostly because, I don’t think very many printed items under the price of $1000 (aka designer clothing) look that appealing.

Like I mentioned in the post prior, I’ve been working quite a bit lately and after I come home from work, I basically just sit on my laptop aimlessly clicking link after random link, finding myself in new corners of cyber space, not yet seen by my eyes. I found myself at this link and it reminded me of how many people had belly button piercings in the early 2000s! I’m sure I’m not the only one who remembers this. Did you ever have one? I remember I used to be stunned at how confident some girls were, confident enough to expose their belly button and draw attention to it with some bling. I don’t think I could ever do that, I don’t like my body enough to showcase it to the public in such a way, power to the girls who can though. I think my dad would have killed me if I ever got a piercing anyway. My sister has wanted a lip piercing for a while, but my dad would disown her if she ever got one. Do any of you have any body/facial piercings? how did your parents react?

Before I end this post, I should probably announce the winner of my giveaway…. SAMANTHA TEDESCO. Congratulations :) I’ll be e-mailing you to let you know. Thanks to all nine people who entered the give away haha. 



WHY all the unnecessary coloured exclamation marks, you ask? Well, because this post marks the 100th I have made on DARK VICE. I’ve been blogging for a long time, but I don’t know if any of my blogs have ever reached one hundred posts. Anyway, to mark this occasion, and thank everyone who has been following my blog during the last nine months, I have decided to have a give away. Now, this give away isn’t going to be like a regular blogger give away, because I don’t have any sponsors. *Stares at empty side bar* :( No, it’s cool, I never started this blog with that intention anyway. I have had a few ad/sponsor offers now, however, half didn’t fit in with my style and the other half just seemed dodgy and totally unrelated.

Instead of having a give away sponsored by a brand, I’ve decided to pass on a few things I have acquired over the years but have no use for. I promise it’s not complete shit. It’s not a lot, but hey, I may throw in some surprises for the winner :) Besides, isn’t it the thought that counts?  

First up, we have this vintage collar.

This is a silver sequinned bow, it is attached to a pin and a hair clip, so you can wear it in your hair or on your clothes, bag, whatever.

This image is pretty bad, Sorry! But I swear the actual item is not, it’s a limited bow collar type thing. It’s pretty, but I’ve never worn it.

More bows! A bow necklace.

Everything is in practically perfect condition. If you would like to win these items, you must do the following:

1. Follow me on Bloglovin’ (not necessary if you’re not signed up to bloglovin’)
2. ‘Like’ Dark Vice on Facebook
3. Comment on this post with your Name, E-mail and your favourite colour.

If you can’t comment on the post for whatever reason, you can leave the details on the Facebook page. Anyone from any place of the world can enter. I felt so self centred typing the requirements, but by making you guys ‘like’ stuff, I’m less likely to pass on anything to a potential DV hater *glares at haters* The links to follow me on bloglovin’ and the Facebook page, are all located in the sidebar.

You have until FRIDAY THE 6TH OF APRIL TO ENTER. The winner will be selected at random. Good luck!

Now on to some regular posting. If you haven’t seen Solestruck’s new lookbook yet, head to their site and check it out! It’s pretty damn sick. My personal favourite, is the Las Vegas section. I know I’ve posted these shoes before but uh…


I customised my JC Bundys yesterday. Some of the colour was coming off, and I had some spray paint from my folio left, so I decided to paint them. I’m happy with the result. Sadly my dad goes insane if I have too many shoes at any one time, so I’m going to sell these :( Starting at 99 cents dudes, you can find these, along with my other e-bay items here. If you are at all interested, that is.

Now we shall move on to the regular outfit segment of this blog…

I don’t have anything to say about this outfit. Hmm… yeah, nothing is coming to me. I wish I had some chocolate right now.