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I am so insanely drained right now. I can’t even begin to think about what I was supposed to type for this post which I started thinking about two weeks ago.

Last week was very negative and strange. Life is strange. Or maybe, it’s not that strange at all, maybe it’s just my perception. Maybe I’m just strange – probably.

I must have looked incredibly miserable because in the last seven days, a number of complete strangers felt compelled to sincerely ask if I was okay. It’s interesting to observe how willing people are to open up to you when the answer they receive appears to be honest. I informed these individuals that my week had been terrible, that I felt like shit, instead of the usual, “I’m fine, thanks”. In response, these complete strangers would share personal burdens they carried on a daily basis, many of them told me things that made my sadness seem completely pointless.

Well… it is.

A sadness that no one gives a fuck about is perhaps the most pointless sadness of all.

These images are a little meh – probably because my state of mind is meh to the extreme. It also doesn’t help that my ageing computer can’t seem to handle what I try to render in photoshop these days.

Everything is flux, so I will be too.




So, so happy
When happiness spells misery


It is a sadness that never seems to end, you don’t remember when it began, you don’t know when it will end – if it will ever end. In the moment, you don’t really care. In fact, you don’t care about anything at all. You feel hopeless, bored, unmotivated. Everything seems dull, the world around you goes silent, and interaction with other people offers zero appeal. There is no joy, no light, no colour – only absolute darkness. Eventually, you feel numb, perhaps a subconscious strategy to deal with the constant yet subtle, emotional torture.

Let the images explain, you don’t write well anyway.


It’s time to say good riddance to the past.


BUT, that was then. This is now. Whatever now is…


Welcome to the second instalment of ‘Material World’. It was my sister’s 21st birthday last week. We (my family and I) went to Crown, which is like a shopping centre complex run by Crown Casino. After eating, we strolled into the casino. My dad and siblings were playing a game… I don’t even know what it was called to be honest. When it comes to gambling, I know absolutely nothing. I actually personally find it boring but I know a lot of people find it exciting, which isn’t surprising considering websites like JackpotCity Slots exist 😯 . Have you ever looked up how many casino sites exist? I know, so bloody random to be looking up such things, but I’m a curious person by nature and sometimes I sit on my computer looking up the most random stuff. Like… the history of K-mart, no joke! Aaaaanyway, back to the casino sites, there are soooooo many… but please people, if you’re going to visit one, do it responsibly. Kind of like drinking, going overboard with such activities isn’t exactly a good thing, you know what I’m saying?

Anyway, while I was sitting there inside the casino, watching my brother and sister guess what number was going to show itself next, I was more interested in what the people around me were wearing. I had been running errands all day and my outfit wasn’t spectacular at all… guys, I felt SOOO under dressed! Which is kind of amusing because usually I’m way overdressed in comparison to everyone else. Girls were spray tanned, had loads of make up on, high heels and really short ‘glamorous’ looking dresses. I felt like a pudgey-adult-baby thing next to them. In my head, I was thinking, maaaan, if I was dressed up right now, I’d look pretty damn good too! So this Material World will be more dedicated to clothing that one could wear on a night out.

casino1. AmericanDeadstock, Pleats Please Black Floral Lace Skirt  $25 USD
2. TutusChicBoutique, Cream lace and gold tulle skirt  $265 USD
3. Miista, Jayda  $269.95 USD
4. Lady Petrova, Amaranthine Gown,  $199 AUD
5. Miracle Eye, Shine A Light Sequin Mesh Duster Jacket,  $120 USD

1. Nasty Gal, Coquette Lace Dress  $89.44 AUD
2. YES, Selfie  $139.95 USD
3. ModCloth, Dinner Party Darling Dress  $137.99 USD
4. Miracle Eye, Hologram Dropout Cage Skirt,  $60 USD
5. Won Hundred, Serine,  $264.95 USD
6. Lady Petrova, Quite Contrary Dress,  $169 AUD

1. Miista, Amaya  $289.95 USD
2. ModCloth, Traveling Cupcake Dress  $59.99 USD
3. UNIF, Wednesday Dress  $139.89 AUD
4. Topshop, Cap Sleeve Printed Mini Dress,  £34
5. To Be Announced, Midnight,  $214.95 USD
6. UNIF, Holo Bomber Jacket,  $142 USD

You know what else is good and groovy and fun and stuff? Sunglasses. When I (rarely) go out, afterwards I occasionally (actually, most of the time) feel a little REALLY gross, tired and sloppy. A pair of glasses really helps in those moments when you feel like hiding half of your face!

All of these fabulous glasses are from Vision Direct. Their online store has sooo many pairs! I’m not obsessed with sunglasses like my sister is, but damn, some of these are really nice! If you feel a little overwhelmed like I did, I would recommend using their style finder. I used it and it narrowed down from their huge collection to present me with TWENTY-TWO pages of sunglasses that I would be more likely to actually want, and what do you know?! IT WORKED.


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