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Welcome to the second instalment of ‘Material World’. It was my sister’s 21st birthday last week. We (my family and I) went to Crown, which is like a shopping centre complex run by Crown Casino. After eating, we strolled into the casino. My dad and siblings were playing a game… I don’t even know what it was called to be honest. When it comes to gambling, I know absolutely nothing. I actually personally find it boring but I know a lot of people find it exciting, which isn’t surprising considering websites like JackpotCity Slots exist :shock: . Have you ever looked up how many casino sites exist? I know, so bloody random to be looking up such things, but I’m a curious person by nature and sometimes I sit on my computer looking up the most random stuff. Like… the history of K-mart, no joke! Aaaaanyway, back to the casino sites, there are soooooo many… but please people, if you’re going to visit one, do it responsibly. Kind of like drinking, going overboard with such activities isn’t exactly a good thing, you know what I’m saying?

Anyway, while I was sitting there inside the casino, watching my brother and sister guess what number was going to show itself next, I was more interested in what the people around me were wearing. I had been running errands all day and my outfit wasn’t spectacular at all… guys, I felt SOOO under dressed! Which is kind of amusing because usually I’m way overdressed in comparison to everyone else. Girls were spray tanned, had loads of make up on, high heels and really short ‘glamorous’ looking dresses. I felt like a pudgey-adult-baby thing next to them. In my head, I was thinking, maaaan, if I was dressed up right now, I’d look pretty damn good too! So this Material World will be more dedicated to clothing that one could wear on a night out.

casino1. AmericanDeadstock, Pleats Please Black Floral Lace Skirt  $25 USD
2. TutusChicBoutique, Cream lace and gold tulle skirt  $265 USD
3. Miista, Jayda  $269.95 USD
4. Lady Petrova, Amaranthine Gown,  $199 AUD
5. Miracle Eye, Shine A Light Sequin Mesh Duster Jacket,  $120 USD

1. Nasty Gal, Coquette Lace Dress  $89.44 AUD
2. YES, Selfie  $139.95 USD
3. ModCloth, Dinner Party Darling Dress  $137.99 USD
4. Miracle Eye, Hologram Dropout Cage Skirt,  $60 USD
5. Won Hundred, Serine,  $264.95 USD
6. Lady Petrova, Quite Contrary Dress,  $169 AUD

1. Miista, Amaya  $289.95 USD
2. ModCloth, Traveling Cupcake Dress  $59.99 USD
3. UNIF, Wednesday Dress  $139.89 AUD
4. Topshop, Cap Sleeve Printed Mini Dress,  £34
5. To Be Announced, Midnight,  $214.95 USD
6. UNIF, Holo Bomber Jacket,  $142 USD

You know what else is good and groovy and fun and stuff? Sunglasses. When I (rarely) go out, afterwards I occasionally (actually, most of the time) feel a little REALLY gross, tired and sloppy. A pair of glasses really helps in those moments when you feel like hiding half of your face!

All of these fabulous glasses are from Vision Direct. Their online store has sooo many pairs! I’m not obsessed with sunglasses like my sister is, but damn, some of these are really nice! If you feel a little overwhelmed like I did, I would recommend using their style finder. I used it and it narrowed down from their huge collection to present me with TWENTY-TWO pages of sunglasses that I would be more likely to actually want, and what do you know?! IT WORKED.


ANOTHER new segment. I’m really just popping them out lately aren’t I? Well, uh, yeah, like I mentioned previously, I realised I’m pretty boring so it’s probably a good idea to direct the focus of the blog on the cool things and people I find. These things/people are generally a lot cooler than me. I follow a lot of people on my instagrama lot of awesome people! People with ah-MAY-ZING style. Style that makes me want to go hide in a hole because I look like shit in comparison. I decided to feature these people in case you guys haven’t been graced with their awesomeness yet. The first person I’ll be featuring is TILLY! She doesn’t have a blog, not that I am aware of anyway… but you can follow her on instagram!

I once saw Tilly IRL on Boxing Day and I was freaked out by how amazing she looked, I then glared at my boyfriend because he is part of the reason I have tamed my style down in the past year… he hates ‘crazy’ stuff, I know, I know, sooo bad that I allow a guy to influence my style *slaps self in face* I was also really sick of all the stares I would constantly get in public, it started annoying the shit out of me – I’m getting old and grumpy I guess.

ANYWAY, let’s discuss Tilly. She looks wonderful aaaaaall the time and as a shoe addict I can confirm that she has great taste in shoes!


Look at her incredible hair! MAH LAWD.

Through experimenting and trying new things. I decided to truly express myself without constraint when I left school and ditched the school uniform, I was able then to really focus on fashion and enjoy it to its fullest extent. I wake up every morning excited about what I can put together or dress up in. I can express myself and have fun with what I wear. I think personal style is something that is constantly changing and evolving, so it just comes down to experimenting really.

Everyday I feel more confident about what I can pull off. I just think it’s become really fun for me recently; I can hardly pinpoint what umbrella I come under with my style. I mean, I could be wearing a tie and pinstriped Katherine Hepburn pants with blue lipstick one day, then a pastel pink wig and flower-crown with my tutu the next day! I like to dress up as characters and I never want one look to be the same.

I’d probably describe my style as an eclectic, quirky, kawaii/pastel-princess explosion of some sort with occasional outbursts of sophisticated refinement!

Well, I can’t live without my wigs – a quick and easy way to instantly lift any outfit and change your hair colour/style. I also love anything tulle like my Lady Petrova tutus. OH or my beautiful organza cape with flower petals in it, also by Lady Petrova – it’s so perfect for summer and I love how ethereal and pretty it is! I’m also a sucker for flatform shoes at the moment and I’m loving mixing elements of 90’s fashion such as chokers and holographic stuff with my pretty, pretty clothes – It makes for a really unique combination. In particular, I’ve been drawing from my ever-growing collection of handmade (House of Moi!) flower crowns to contrast with the rough and tough look of the chokers. 

Sorry to reference Miley Cyrus of all people right now, but at the VMAs last year I noticed that she had these amaaazing creepers on that flashed and lit up when she walked which reminded me of some pink light-up shoes I had when I was little. So now I’m on the hunt for a pair of flatforms that light up so I can channel my 7 year old self, whilst drawing the eye to what I believe is the most important part of an outfit – the shoes!! Umm I would love another pair of h0les sunglasses. – (Omg, yes! h0les sunglasses are awesome! I want a pair too)

I’m always looking out for really quirky and cute socks – you can never have too many socks. I’ve been drooling overDiscount Universe’sclothing for a long time now! I would looooove to have one of their amazing sequined halter-neck tops! Also, I don’t have my ears pierced but I am still dying to get my hands on a pair of lilac POMS earrings, which will give me plenty of incentive to finally puncture my ear lobes!  Also I saw a pineapple and a popcorn clutch/bag the other day, which would definitely fulfill my recent novelty clutch addiction. I have a flamingo, a unicorn, a basketball, a tennis ball and a cat shaped clutch so pineapple and popcorn would add to the menagerie!

I adore Lady Petrova Hammond; her personal style and designs have influenced my fashion more than anybody and her boutique is where most of my money is blown. Other than that I spend a lot of time on tumblr and instagram just looking at all sorts of people and their fashion and drawing inspiration from them. I am also very intrigued/inspired by Japanese fashion as well as amazing performers such as Lady gaga, Gwen Stefani and Kimbra – all truly fearless and fabulous fashionistas!

This is a tough one…not really sure how I can go about answering this without sounding too harsh; so I’ll just say that the ‘style’ scene where I live (Geelong) is almost non-existent.Thank goodness Melbourne is close, because as far as style scenes go; Melbourne is where it’s at!

Well it’s only been in the past year or so that I’ve experienced any sort of negative attention since I guess my style has become a bit more experimental and therefore more difficult for the average jeans and t-shirt wearer to stomach. I mean I’m used to a snicker every now and then, or some stares/double-takes and pointing which I’ve learnt to laugh at and shrug off. I don’t leave the house expecting everybody to appreciate my effort or like what I’ve put together, and I rather like causing a bit of stir and challenging people’s perceptions of what is fashionable or how we should look. It’s fun that way! Besides, the majority of people are really lovely; often pointing out that they’d never wear or feel like they could pull off what I wear themselves, but admire my style nonetheless. I guess it’s all about having the courage of your convictions.


I sure do! I do A LOT of online shopping and have a fully-fledged addiction. I have packages coming in every week so it’s basically Christmas all year round! Some of my favourite places to shop areEtsy, Solestruck (shoes), Lady Petrova, Svpply, Somewhere Nowhere and so many more! I just spend hours upon hours looking at stuff! - (Join the club)

OH MY GOD UM.. I’m gonna go for the shallow yet obvious answer and say that I’d buy a plane ticket to New York and just shop shop shop! Then I’d continue on to London, Tokyo, Paris and all the best shopping destinations! After travelling/shopping around the world and exploring the different fashions, I’d probably end up spending weeks upon weeks online shopping; using up the rest of my dollars!

Thanks Tilly!


This is another new segment that I’m going to try and feature on a weekly basis. Long time followers of the blog and my instagram are probably aware of my obsession with shoes. I really am addicted. Being so in love with something has made me quite fussy and picky when it comes to footwear. I often look at shoes from a brand I like and imagine different combinations of the products they have. I decided to bring my imagination to life and merge shoes I like together to create my ultimate dream shoes. I’ll be featuring different brands I like each time.

Today I have focused on Windsor Smith. Many of you might know them for their infamous, ‘Lily’ shoe. I first noticed the shoe worn by Sofie in December 2012. Since then, the shoe has grown in popularity to the point that I literally see at least one person wearing it every single time I go out. I’m not even lying!

Anyway, behold, my dream shoes! Btw, I know some of these mock ups don’t look the best, I’m not a professional 3D model maker, hopefully my shoe mock up skills will get better after a few of these.

dreamshoes2Despite loving shoes, I actually really hate feet so I avoid open toe shoes at all costs! I really liked this shoe, but it was open toe, so this alteration was pretty simple, I just made this shoe closed. Windsor Smith Fend

dreamshoes6This one was hard. The proportions of the top were quite different to the heel so I had to warp like crazy, the end result looks a little screwed, but you get the idea! I would LOVE to own shoes like these! :) Combination: Fend (altered) + Haven The Haven has to be one of my favourite heel bases. It looks Stella McCartney inspired.

dreamshoes4I think this is a cute take on the lollipop shoe. What do you think?

Another shoe I would definitely buy if it existed! This would look so cool and I can imagine it being quite comfortable. I started with the Lucerne shoe for this idea.

dreamshoes3I think the Lollipop and Lucerne shoe look great combined! Don’t you? 

dreamshoes5Left this till last because it was my absolute favourite! Oh my god, I would freak the hell out if this existed. I could imagine it looking great with so many different outfits. Aaah, *dreaming* This is a combination of the Haven and Natalia (altered)

So what do you think? Lame, or awesome? Would you wear any of these? YOU KNOW I WOULD :)




Ok, calm the hell down Sophie, it’s not that exciting. Shit.

Every week I will be sharing many things I have stumbled across, that make me think, “DAYUM, that is COOL!”. I, regrettably, can not purchase all of these items, so, I may as well share them so you guys check them out. I think I have pretty awesome taste, if I do say so myself :P Enjoy and happy browsing!

materialworld1. Wheels & Dollbaby, Holiday in Nice Picnic Dress  $239 AUD
2. YES, Want  $139.95 USD
3. CUE, Faille Layered Bodice Dress  $299 AUD
4. Wheels & Dollbaby, Le Bleu Lace Gigi Dress with belt  $495 AUD (This dress, is, OMG, SO amazing!)
5. Windsor Smith, Lollipop  $149.95 AUD
6. Windsor Smith, Haven  $199.95 AUD
7. Opening Ceremony, Grunge Canvas Buckle Boots  $300 USD
8. Whatever 21, Pixelated Athletic Brand T-shirt  $40 USD
9. Kiko Mizuhara for Opening Ceremony, Cut-Out Short-Sleeve Turtleneck Dress  $260 USD
10. Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony, Scoop Neck Intarsia Long-Sleeve Dress  $100 USD

materialworld21. T.U.K, Nosebleed Star Black Star  3,390 Thai Baht
2. Maticevski, Edited Crop Dress  $799 AUD
3. T.U.K, Nosebleed Crackle Black  3,390 Thai Baht
4. Stussy, Control Tote Bag  $67.31
5. Style Nanda, Flare Oversize Dot Mini Skirt  $71.34 USD
6. Jeffrey Campbell, Dunker  4,990 Thai Baht
7. Karen Walker, Long Boat Pants  $220 AUD
8. Style Nanda, Full Length Lace Skirt  $57.03 USD
9. Jeffrey Campbell, Destin   2,245.00 Thai Baht

materialworld31. UNDERGROUND, Wulfrun Triple Sole Mint Suede  £115
2. Diesel, Reboot Bliss Tee  $90 USD
3. Jeffrey Campbell, Adonis  3,990 Thai Baht
4. Sister Jane, Living in a Cloud Skirt  £19
5. MADEBYUS, Cropped Overall Top  $200 USD
6. Target, Gem Pendant Necklace  $20 AUD
7. UNBILICAL, No. 154  $330 USD
8. SugarJunkieShop, LONELY HEARTS CLUB Heart Resin Necklace  $18 USD
9. Ammerman Schlösberg, Lolita Dress  $2,760 USD (Super jealous of anyone that can afford this!)
10. Meadham Kirchhoff, Pleated Dress  $1,000 USD (Same thing goes for this…)
Geometric Heart Bag  $145 USD
12. golden ponies, Polly envelope leather wallet  $35 USD

materialworld41. DI$COUNT, Troll Ice-Skating Skirt  $59 AUD
2. B STORE, Patty 1  $419.95 USD
3. FORFEX, Killer & Roses Tee  €46.66
4. Marni, Open-toe mule  $295 USD
5. UNDERGROUND, Wulfrun Double Sole Gold Mirror  £125
JOYRICH + Betty Boop , Betty Boop Timeline Skirt  $67 USD
7. MarniOpen-toe mule  $260 USD
8. Kinki GerlinkiM.J  $169 AUD
9. DI$COUNT, Haint-painted Batik Blazer  $329 AUD
10. FINE HORSELeopard Rivet punk shoes  €85.40

I really like browsing the online world for stuff. I have not much of a life, so, if there is anything specific you want me to browse and share, LET ME KNOW. KAAAY?





I’ve been putting this off because of a lot of other stuff… and well, now it’s just really fucking hot and simply sitting here is making me sweat, so, I really wasn’t in the mood to work on my overheating laptop. BUT, I forced myself. The images look kind of shitty because of how lethargic I feel though. Sorry about that.

I wrote a comeback post (kind of) already but it was so heavy, long and super ranty so I decided to lock it. Maybe I’ll unleash it another day, but for now, it’s probably better if it remains hidden.

Basically, I’m redeveloping this blog and it’s going to take a new direction. Less outfit photos, because, you can see them on my instagram, more sharing. Because, sharing is caring. No, more like, I have a dangerous obsession with shoes and I feel like if I share my obsession with whoever wants to see it, I’ll be a little less tempted to buy every single pair. Not that I can anyway, haha, I am no where close to being able to afford a huge purchase like that. 

So, I’ll have regular features on the blog that will have similar themes. I ceebs explaining, but you’ll get the point sooner or later.

This is just a general, “Hey. Hi, how are you? By the way, I’m alive” post. Life has been pretty meh lately. I won’t bother explaining why, no one wants to know. Christmas was alright, New Years Eve was pretty meh, even Boxing Day was pretty… you guessed it, MEEEEH. I feel freaking old too, (why is that a negative thing?) so there is that.

backbackHere I am, looking pretty M-E-H (me, not the hair, I like the hair) with my brand new hair. Many thanks to my sister.

backback2This is the meh-ish outfit I wore on boxing day. It was pretty warm, alright! Plus, I’ve been feeling lazy and self-conscious lately, which means I have no energy to go out and be stared at by everyone and their mum. Oh, and this sort of outfit STILL garners attention. Wtf?! Yeah, I don’t know why either, I mean, it’s sooo boring. BORING x 100. W/E that means. I also bumped into (FASHION) Hayley on Boxing day. I walked into a shoe store and she was standing right there, so I had to wave, she waved back… but I wasn’t sure if she knew who I was hahahaha. Thankfully she did and we talked about, Seoul, I think? Because I’m seriously considering moving to South Korea this year. She was really nice and not intimidating or anything, so, thanks for not making me feel like a weirdo Hayley! :) 

backback3Bee tee dubs, for anyone not following, Boxing Day is like the Australian version of Black Friday. I think it’s a tradition in some other nations as well. I browsed quite a lot during the day but only purchased one item. The skirt above. For $26 – yay! Usually I don’t get those sort of prices unless I’m on Asos. Not that I mind paying a little extra for items, especially if I know the brand isn’t using slave labour. I try to be conscious in my greedy, materialistic life sometimes. I tried on the shoes at Zomp that day but they didn’t have my size, luckily they did on their online store so they are also mine now. Hooray for retail therapy. Less hoorays for disappearing funds.

Shit, this post was weird. More to come. L8RZ.