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I’m not even sure how or why I should type this… however, if one questions absolutely everything down to its most seemingly insignificant detail, one may as well cease to do anything, at all, ever.

This blog, in its old phase, is done.

Dark Vice – though dear to me, of course – was born out of a place of immense fear and inner conflict.

The things that motivated me to ever work on this blog are things that can no longer create sounds within my soul.

I have let go of all the things that once crippled my self and as such, have lost all interest in many of the things, I once felt an artificial sense of attachment to.

This is why I have had a loss of desire to maintain this blog for the last year.

Very little interest in fashion remains; in many ways, I despise many of the things it represents. This shift has been developing for more than three years.

Whilst I can still appreciate the myriad of diverse ways people dress themselves and express their personalities, I find myself less and less drawn towards this entire paradigm Рone that is largely controlled by various, narrow standards of beauty and levels of wealth.

Another project that is far more aligned with what drives my existence is pending. Dark Vice will become a place where I share pieces of digital art, whenever I feel compelled to make it.

The last four years have been some of the most insightful of my existence and I must thank everyone who ever commented and e-mailed me messages of support. Kindness is something that I will always strongly appreciate. It is a force of light against a never ending stream of the deepest darkness.



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