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This is another new segment that I’m going to try and feature on a weekly basis. Long time followers of the blog and my instagram are probably aware of my obsession with shoes. I really am addicted. Being so in love with something has made me quite fussy and picky when it comes to footwear. I often look at shoes from a brand I like and imagine different combinations of the products they have. I decided to bring my imagination to life and merge shoes I like together to create my ultimate dream shoes. I’ll be featuring different brands I like each time.

Today I have focused on Windsor Smith. Many of you might know them for their infamous, ‘Lily’ shoe. I first noticed the shoe worn by Sofie in December 2012. Since then, the shoe has grown in popularity to the point that I literally see at least one person wearing it every single time I go out. I’m not even lying!

Anyway, behold, my dream shoes! Btw, I know some of these mock ups don’t look the best, I’m not a professional 3D model maker, hopefully my shoe mock up skills will get better after a few of these.

dreamshoes2Despite loving shoes, I actually really hate feet so I avoid open toe shoes at all costs! I really liked this shoe, but it was open toe, so this alteration was pretty simple, I just made this shoe closed. Windsor Smith Fend

dreamshoes6This one was hard. The proportions of the top were quite different to the heel so I had to warp like crazy, the end result looks a little screwed, but you get the idea! I would LOVE to own shoes like these! :) Combination: Fend (altered) + Haven The Haven has to be one of my favourite heel bases. It looks Stella McCartney inspired.

dreamshoes4I think this is a cute take on the lollipop shoe. What do you think?

Another shoe I would definitely buy if it existed! This would look so cool and I can imagine it being quite comfortable. I started with the Lucerne shoe for this idea.

dreamshoes3I think the Lollipop and Lucerne shoe look great combined! Don’t you? 

dreamshoes5Left this till last because it was my absolute favourite! Oh my god, I would freak the hell out if this existed. I could imagine it looking great with so many different outfits. Aaah, *dreaming* This is a combination of the Haven and Natalia (altered)

So what do you think? Lame, or awesome? Would you wear any of these? YOU KNOW I WOULD :)



I’m still sick, it sucks. I’m not even talking about the physical aspect, I hate how anxious it makes me feel. I’ve actually been in a pretty decent state of mind in terms of my anxiety issues lately. Being sick has just made my brain kind of spiral out of control. I’ve been touching the bones where my chest is frequently for the last three hours and of course constantly pressing on that area is making me think about it, and thinking about it leads to pain. This ‘imaginary’ pain freaks me out and then I begin to feel like I’m struggling to breathe, even though I’m not. Ugh, I hope I get better soon. It’s difficult when I have six shifts at work this week :( At least writing this blog post is helping to distract me.

Must re-dye my hair but so damn ceebs at the moment.

I recently got a few of my designs printed. Twenty 5×7 prints and an 8×12 print. I’m going to put a few up for sale, a pack of 10 5×7 prints and three different packs of 20 5×7 prints. Twelve different 8×12 prints will also be available, I’ve got everything organised, I just need to finalise prices. I’m trying to keep everything as cheap as possible, I mean, I know I’m not an amazing well known artist or anything. I also want to create a few designs for t-shirts, tights and uuh, just clothes in general. I’ll get around to it, eventually. Ha, I don’t even know if anyone will be willing or wanting to buy any of these prints… aaaanyway. We’ll see. I’m also thinking of making them available for a zine swap type thing, even though my packs won’t technically be a zine, I’d still be up for swapping a 20 pack of my prints for a zine :)

Preview of a few 5×7 prints.

One of the prints in the series of 8×12 designs


A few days ago, well, maybe a week ago now. I was looking at the outfits presented by those lucky enough to attend the Met Gala. They were blasted all over my facebook wall, so I couldn’t exactly avoid the images. Personally, I wasn’t too impressed by the way people decided to dress themselves. Most outfits looked boring, dull, unimaginative or just plain awkward to me. There were two looks that I remembered though.

Images of Florence and Cate from the Alexander McQueen Facebook page

Florence Welch and Cate Blanchett. The dress that Florence is wearing is incredible. However, It doesn’t look like it would be easy to pull off. Florence has an amazing sense of style though and she can pull off a lot of crazy shit, I love the extravagance of the dress. If you’re not familiar with her, or her style, type her name into the Tumblr search bar, some of her ensembles are soo good! Cate also looks absolutely stunning. I love the fact that the dress is black (of course), I love the high neckline and the overall texture of the piece. Both of these ladies are dressed in Alexander McQueen. Although, I could never afford to buy anything from this spectacular label, at least not for now, I thought I’d participate in some harmless online browsing anyway.

Images of dresses from

These prints guys, they’re freaking amazing! wouldn’t you agree? Clothes like these give me this desire to get into textile design. If you have any spare change you can buy or just check out the designs of Alexander Mcqueen at The online store also has a lot of other heavenly clothing that I sadly can’t afford. I was thinking about creating a few mock ups of clothing with my prints covering them. You know, just to see what it would look like. What do you think? Should I try that out?

I thought I’d randomly skip ahead in my queue of outfits to post and share what I wore yesterday. It was quite cold, and the only person who could take my outfit photo was my yiayia (grandmother) so I don’t have too many photos of this particular outfit. Only the two I’m sharing actually. You can’t see what is underneath the jacket, but don’t worry, it’s not great. I have to get that dress altered.

I’ve been waiting to wear these socks since about November last year. They’re quite thick so I had to wait until it was cold enough. I originally wore them with my creepers but I felt like that typical image of a witch way too much. You know, like the witch from the Wizard of Oz or something? Not necessarily a bad thing, but not me.

Eh, I like this jacket, but man, it’s covered in so much lint right now. Any advice on how to remove it?

Sorry I’ve been a little slack with posting lately. I’ve just had a lot of stuff on my plate. It’s a shame because I have quite a lot of ~controversial~ things I’d like to discuss, but no time to sit here and type :( I promise that the next post will be more interesting!


Blogging when I’d rather be sleeping yet again. This seems to be becoming a pattern, doesn’t it? For someone who doesn’t have a full time job yet, I sure do feel busy. This week has just been, oddly… full, for me. Jam packed with things to do and people to see, mostly for professional reasons. Anyway, I may as well just get straight to posting a bunch of new images.

I’ve recently decided that I really like leopard print. Not as much as black, I don’t think anything will EVER replace black for me, in terms of clothing. I’m planning to dress in head to toe leopard print this season, whether I actually leave the house in such an ensemble is yet to be decided. So, yes, I like leopard print and I really like this jacket but damn it, it is waaaaaaay too big for me. I bought it from H&M in Toronto in 2010. My friend and I were on a day trip from Buffalo that day, and we were kind of going insane in all the stores. Buffalo was literally empty, so we were excited. This jacket was on sale, so cheap and I ended up just grabbing one and buying it on impulse. Too bad I forgot to check that it was two sizes too big, which isn’t always a big deal when it comes to jackets and coats, however, when I wear this jacket, I almost feel like I’m being swallowed by it. I’m supposed to be wearing the clothing, not the other way around, you know what I’m saying?

Next on my leopard print hunt is flatforms. I would really like a pair of leopard print creeper looking flatforms with a black base/heel, I’ve searched the internet high and low but my digital journeys remain unsuccessful. If anyone knows of a cyber portal I can purchase shoes matching my description, let me know, please :)

Imma just wrap this up here, because… well, we all know why. I think this is, visually, my favourite post ever. Probably because I used a piece from an illustration I created for one of my favourite projects at Uni last year. I’m most likely never going to beat this post haha, aaaah, THE PRESSURE!!!!!

good night.


For anyone who possibly missed my regular posting, I apologise for the slight delay. I volunteered to help out at the L’oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, so I woke up really early on thursday and friday. Fuck, I felt so exhausted by the end of friday. I had to get up at 6am yesterday, go all the way to Docklands work for about two hours, go all the way back home, get dressed for work, go to work, work (I wanted to collapse), go to my grandparents house, get changed for the runway show I attended and then go to the runway show, which was a long fucking adventure on public transport. Last night was supposed to be the first time I’d seen a runway event. Just my luck, the train was delayed by over TWENTY FUCKING MINUTES! #firstworldproblems, By the time we reached the city, we had missed the connecting train. After finally boarding another connecting train service, we then had to wait about half an hour for a tram. We were over half an hour late and by the time my boyfriend and I arrived, the show was almost over. I felt like crying, I was on edge and tired as hell.

We missed everything except for the DI$COUNT show. Unfortunately, most people were just standing around the runway and seeing as we obviously arrived last, I couldn’t really see anything. My vertically challenged self was struggling to get a glimpse of anything. The parts I did see looked amazing though. It’s just a shame that we went through all that, for almost nothing. Seeing the way everyone was dressed was definitely a highlight. I always feel so unstylish at events like these. I also feel extremely shy and rather timid. There were so many outfits I wanted to photograph but I was way too nervous to ask anyone, I asked a few people eventually, but felt like a complete dork afterwards. I’m not chill, or cool, or confident like the Melbourne fashion crowd. I’m over alert, socially awkward and just… not cool. Everyone also seemed to be wondering around, socialising with loads of people afterwards, most people seemed to know a lot of other people there. My boyfriend and I didn’t know anybody. I did bump into a friend I haven’t seen for over a year, but that was it. I basically just stood around for ten minutes to absorb all the amazing looks.

I have to say, I’m quite envious of the people who live in Melbourne’s east, well, the areas like Brunswick, Fitzroy etc. I live in, quite plausibly the most unstylish part of this place. I live in the western suburbs of Melbourne, so I can’t even attempt to dress how I would really like to. Even though I wear outfits ten times more ‘normal’ than what I saw last night, I still manage to receive stares of disgust here. I get harassed and yelled at and made fun of. I honestly feel endangered because of the way I dress sometimes. When I tell my family about it, my dad doesn’t have any sympathy. He just always responds with, “well, what do you expect?”. So, I’m forced to dull my outfit creativity down on a daily basis, which kind of sucks the fun out of getting dressed. When I go to events like these, I always feel so tame and lame, in comparison. Oh well, at least seeing the mega stylish people of this city, inspires me to fuck the haters.

Enough of my insecure ramblings, my boyfriend managed to get a few shots of the show.

What I would do for that pink studded jacket, it’s beyond incredible. In the words of Rachel Zoe, I die.

Damn this girl is lucky!

The hair of the girl on the left, looks so amazing. Reminds me that I need to get my hair cut.

I guess the girl on the right had the glitter on glitter idea too, and I love the bag held by the girl on the left. So awesome! So jealous!

Outfit by yours truly, I almost feel embarrassed displaying this, after you’ve seen such fantastic looks. Maybe I should just give up and start dressing in leggings and singlet tops?


A lady, (I know her brother from Uni) is fighting for her life right now. She’s only 26, has an aggressive cancer and doesn’t have much time left. She is in desperate need of help and needs a stem cell transplant. It’s not as scary to donate stem cells as it sounds, please get tested if you can! She hasn’t found a match on the entire planet so far. Unfortunately, the fact that I have Graves’ disease prohibits me from donating blood or stem cells for the rest of my life.

You can find out more here.