I’m soooooo effing tired right now, like my eye lids are drooping south so I’m going to keep the text part of this post super short. Kewl Ego and Greed shoes worn thanks to my fav online store Solestruck who the shit doesn’t like hologram these days?










  • Angie

    oh my GOD your photo editing skills are so good. like. I’ve said this a lot (I think) but!!! I wish I could design like you so much like that would be the coolest. You are the coolest!! I love your shoes so much too. Because YOU ARE RIGHT who doesn’t like hologram???!? <3


    I totally adore you

  • Jess

    Your shoes are SO COOL! Also I love the way you do all your photos xx

  • Natalie Mulford

    Oh man, I keep eyeing those shoes and thinking “I need them, I need them”. They look amazing!

  • Melissa

    Stop it, those shoes are incredible.

    <3 Melissa

  • bravegrrl

    i’m seriously in love with all these photos… you are soooo amazing!!! the first and second to last and just straight killn it! you are my favorite graffic artist by FAR xoxoxoxoxo