• Larissa

    Actually, now I WANT to move to Australia.. Shtupid LA. The only awesome thing here is the abundance of flea markets.

  • Emily

    If you do end up moving here, we should totally go shopping together! Your tights are darling beyond belief. The Medicare system sounds wonderful in your country. America definitely needs to focus more on health and education. It’s terrible. Australia is sounding good to me right now.

    May the force be with you.

  • Jasmine Alvarez

    Yes, America is pretty fucked up. I am on scholarship so I do not have to pay as much as other students but I wish education was free here, well college education


    Agreed with everything you said here – also Australian and when I saw all these people being like “IM MOVING TO AUSTRALIA” I was not happy ….. not my kind of people, we’ll just say that

  • bravegrrl

    i agree with larissa hahaha

    and great weather of course :)

    hey i sent you a message about some design work… did you get it?

  • Selena

    YES YES YES. god BLESS you for posting this!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sheyla Concepción

    This makes want to move to Australia even more. College ducation is SUPER EXPENSIVE and you already know about the health care situation. Sorry to say this but Australia seems waaay cooler than the U.S.