I worked for nine hours today on four hours of sleep so I basically feel like absolute shit right now and can’t wait to pass out in my bed. Before that happens though. I’m going to post a few images I very, very quickly planned and rushed yesterday and tonight while I was half asleep. My favourite online store Solestruck, was nice enough to send me some shoes, so I took the opportunity to do something ~special~ for my blog.

Ha, didn’t turn out that way. As always, life got in the way, I unexpectedly picked up a lot of long shifts at work, so I had to rush everything and the results aren’t exactly what I had planned. I swear, one day, I will actually do something fuh-rea-king insanely awesome for this blog. I just need to find a time, when I don’t need to rush.

I shall reply to comments tomorrow… at some point, after another long nine hour day. FML, good night.

  • Clouds

    These are so sick! I love Solestruck <3
    And get some rest :)

  • Angelina Ballerina

    Looooooove all your outfits and the SHOES obviously x

  • Emily

    Your pictures are wild, I freakin’ love what you do with them. My favorite look here is the mesh top with the leather vest and white tutu. And the shoes are insane! The sparkly laces are fantastic, and spikes make everything so much cooler.

    May the force be with you.

    • Marcia

      Agree, that’s my favourite look too! Love the strong contrast. And get some sleep, girlie!

  • Constance Chel

    I love your outfits!!! Your blog is so fun!

  • Dinka0

    Ahh no hope you’ve made up on the sleep! I rolled in at 4am after a night out and was like, never again – it was LIGHT haha! Mad mad mad photos (in a good way) x

    • Magnet

      yes! I did, I slept for 12 hours last night, I think I overslept though, because I woke up still feeling tired.

  • Selena Cruz

    its kind of amazing that you call this kind of editing “rushed”. im amazed by your skillz.

    • Magnet

      oh, but it is!! it’s sad, cause I can do so much better, ah wellz.. I’m getting in on the z club.

  • francesca

    wow get some rest!!! .. this post is extremely awesome though. pretty rad

  • casiestewart

    love the gifs!

  • Malice
  • ally skye

    amazing! my favourite photo is the second one; if only i had the same editing skills as you! love your style :)

  • bravegrrl

    oh my goodness i can’t get over how amazing the graphics are on these photos! you rock.